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1. Importance of the TSI Assessment

Welcome to Midland College! Before enrolling into college level courses Texas law states that you must take a placement test. The results from the placement test will determine whether you begin taking college level courses or if you will need to start with some developmental courses to build your skills. (These courses will not give you college credit.)

The TSI Assessment is a computerized, adaptive test which means if you answer a question correctly you will continue with similar or more difficult questions. Since the assessment begins with relatively easy questions, students who have not reviewed basic skills in grammar, reading comprehension, or math may be placed into developmental courses.

It is highly recommended that you review your basic skills and take this placement test seriously. Failure to do well on the assessment could place you in developmental courses which could increase your costs and delay your expected time to graduate.

2. Sample Test Questions

Select this link to view the Sample Questions - This will open a PDF document in a new browser window.

Below are additional test preparation websites with sample questions and practice tests. (Some sites refer to other assessment tests, but the questions are similar to those found on the TSI Assessment.)


There is also an app available for $4.50: Accuplacerpractice.collegeboard.org

3. Developmental Education Options
Midland College offers developmental classes in reading, writing, and math. Classes are available at various times during the year and success is determined by attendance, grades, and an exit final. There are various levels of developmental reading, writing, math and English as a Second Language.

Additional assistance and information can be obtained at the Midland College Language Hub, 432-685-4718.

4. Institution and/or Community Resources:
The following Midland College website lists additional resources available to help you be successful in your college experience.

5. TSI Pre-Assessment Certification (please check box)
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1) the importance of the TSI Assessment
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3) course options, and
4) available resources.

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