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Book PurchasesFinancial Aid

Some scholarships and financial aid awards can help students pay for books and/or supplies.

If awarded a Pell Grant, SEOG, TPEG or book scholarship and making Satisfactory Academic Progress, students may be eligible to receive a book voucher. Any money remaining after institutional charges (Tuition & Fees and Room & Board, if applicable), may be used to buy books at the Midland College Bookstore. General book scholarships can be used to purchase books only. Federal Pell Grant, SEOG or TPEG vouchers may be used to purchase both books and supplies.

Book vouchers are no longer picked up in the financial aid office. Students will go directly to bookstore.

Login to My MC Portal to check book voucher eligibility and financial aid and scholarship status.

Check tuition balances in the My MC Portal student account. If there is a negative number by Pell, TPEG or SEOG, then money is available for books.

All documents must be submitted and accepted (in the portal) for federal and state awards to show.

  • Student ID/Chap ID card or a valid, government-issued photo ID
  • Course Schedule
  • Student ID number

All distance-learning students need to place an order on the MC Bookstore website, and use the payment option labeled "Financial Aid Starting XX/XX".

The bookstore will ring up purchases and charge against financial aid.

Distance-learning students will NOT be able to rent books.

Students eligible for a book voucher should watch their Midland College email for detailed directions on purchasing their books and/or supplies. Because of refunds, the book voucher deadline is a hard deadline and students will not be able to receive/use a voucher past the emailed deadline.

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