Michael Gibbons


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Michael  Gibbons-BrownAssociate Professor, Engineering, Physics

Michael Gibbons has always had a drive to understand how things work, but each question lead to another question, eventually leading to the lowest level of understanding in the world of physics. He’s still the little kid who can’t stop asking “why.”

He has only taught in traditional classrooms and enjoys the one-on-one interaction with the students. But he thinks online courses open the material to a wider range of students who, due to time and distance, can’t attend the traditional setting.

He plays guitar and sings. His hidden talent is that he is a juggler. He feels that widespread education is the key to solving most of the problems in the world.

Instructor Vitae (pdf)

Associate Professor
Engineering, Physics
Abell-Hanger Science Faculty Building, Room 106
(432) 685-4617

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