Katherine Allen


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Katherine  AllenAdjunct Instructor, Fine Arts & Communication Division Office

Katherine Allen knew she had to learn how to communicate more effectively because she did not learned how to manage conflict very well. She decided to learn how to do that and wanted to make sure that her students would be more effective than she was. She prefers teaching face-to-face because she gets more nonverbal feedback from her students. She also has a chance to add to her lectures when an idea or question comes up that she hadn’t anticipated, thus giving the students a chance to lead where they need the discussion to go.

She loves to read, cook, walk, and work outside in the early morning and evening. She is happiest singing and listening to music. Her favorite vacation spot is Colorado because she grew up there.Instructor Vitae (pdf)

Adjunct Instructor
Fine Arts & Communication Division Office
Allison Fine Arts Building, Room 135
(432) 685-4624

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