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Midland College embraces military veterans and their families and further strives to be their trusted institution of higher learning. That trust must be earned, however, failure to know and serve our veteran population is a failure to serve those who have already served us.

Green Zone at MC



Green Zone Training at MC

Dr. Ryan Van Dusen conducting the initial Green Zone training program, 17 November 2014.

Because Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Guardsmen face unique challenges when transitioning from military service, military veterans often feel disconnected from the broader student population. Furthermore, veterans pursuing degrees still have to hassle with the VA, which may negatively impact a veteran’s ability to thrive in school. The Green Zone Program trains faculty and staff to ensure returning service men and women succeed in higher education. Faculty and staff, although wanting to assist, rarely possess the requisite knowledge to help veterans as they transition from combat to the classroom. The program gives participants a baseline for understanding the challenges our veterans face when they return home.

First implemented at Texas Tech University (TTU) in 2010, the Green Zone creates a veteran friendly environment where veterans feel empowered to seek assistance and, more importantly, find solutions to the litany of problems facing veterans on a college campus. Recognized as one of the nation’s leading veterans programs, the Green Zone is data driven and based on the research of Dr. Ryan Van Dusen, an Army veteran and current Dean of Student Development at The University of Memphis.

The initial Green Zone training at Midland College began in November 2014. Since that time, MC has hosted numerous speakers, including current and former service men and women. Green Zone efforts have also strengthened MC collaboration with the Texas Veterans Commission, the Military Veteran Peer Network, Midland Vet Center, and other local service organizations serving veterans and their families.

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