Upward Bound

Upward Bound is a federally funded program designed to encourage high school students to complete their high school education and pursue higher education. Fifty students from Midland are selected to participate in this program.

Upward Bound provides young people with opportunities and assistance to explore their potential for academic, social, and personal growth. Its purpose is to provide equal access to post-secondary education for high school students by providing them with adequate preparation to enter college. Upward Bound assists students with college selection and application, assistance in career planning, scholarships, and financial aid to attend college.

Upward Bound at Midland College

Program Details

Any high school student who has completed the eighth grade but has not yet entered the twelfth and is currently enrolled in one of these schools:

  • Lee Freshman High School
  • Midland Freshman High School
  • Lee High School
  • Midland High School
  • Coleman High School

Students qualify for selection by:

  • Being a potential first-generation college student (neither parent has a bachelor’s degree from a four-year, post-secondary institution)
  • Meeting income guideline established by the U.S. Department of Education (this income is taxable income, not gross, based on family size)
  • Exhibiting academic potential and need
  • Planning to attend a post-secondary institution after high school graduation

Throughout each school year, Upward Bound students participate in the following activities:

Saturday Academies

Held at the Marie Hall Building on the Midland College campus. These academies are held every month throughout the school year.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are based on student grades. Tutoring sessions are held Mondays from 4:05-6:00 pm at First Presbyterian Church and Tuesdays from 4:05-6:00 pm at the Lee High School Library. All other tutoring sessions are by appointment.

College Visits

Campus Visits to other college campuses. These include Saturday day trips to campuses such as UTPB, Angelo State University, Sul Ross University, and Texas Tech University

Cultural Events

Performing Arts and Lectures at Chap Center, Midland Community Theater plays, Midland-Odessa Symphony and Chorale performances, Rockhounds games, Jackalopes games, and MC basketball games.

Program Update

As of August 2018, the Upward Bound program will be terminated. Please direct all questions to the director Brandi Grismore at bgrismore@midland.edu or (432) 686-4221.

The six-week summer program combines rigorous academic classes with recreational and cultural activities, both on and off Midland College Campus.

During the first five weeks, students live in the residence halls at Midland College on weekdays and return home each weekend. Resident Hall Assistants live with and supervise the students and facilitate their daily activities.

Classes are from 9 am – noon and 1 pm – 4 pm and consist of English/Language Arts, Science, Math, Computer, Foreign Language, and other electives. The coursework addresses academic weakness or enrichment and attempts to prepare students for the next school year.

The summer academic component culminates with an awards banquet, followed by a week-long summer trip to a different state.

Senior Upward Bound students participate in the bridge component of Upward Bound the summer following their graduation.

The students have the option to live on campus at Midland College and they are required to take six (6) hours of summer college classes. They are also afforded the opportunity to work on the Midland College campus up to ten (10) hours a week earning $300.00/month.

This program is designed to bridge the students from high school into college allowing them to get a head start on college classes to transfer to the college they are planning to attend in the fall.

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