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Nothing is appreciated more than a kind letter of thanks! Many Midland College scholarships are funded through the generosity of private donors and foundations and they deserve our thanks. Scholarships are awarded as funds are made available by our gracious donors. Historically, student thank you letters have helped to ensure continued scholarship funding from donors and foundations.

The Office of Financial Assistance requires thank letters from Midland College recipients of all scholarships. Thank you letters must be submitted for each semester and each scholarship received. Scholarships will be reviewed on a semester basis for the thank you letters. If a letter is not received by the deadline specified, your scholarship eligibility will be forfeited for future semesters and years. Thank you letters should be submitted to the financial aid office. The Office of Financial Assistance will ensure that the appropriate letters received from the recipients are forwarded to the donors.

* Please be reminded that thank you letters should be submitted each semester by the deadline for each scholarship. If a thank you note is not submitted the scholarship will be forfeited. Semester thank you deadlines are as follows: Fall: October 1, Spring: March 1, Summer I: June 15, Summer II: July 15

* Most Midland College scholarships require that students must maintain a 2.0 GPA and complete at least 75 percent of the courses they attempt and must enroll in at least 6 semester hours. However, there are some scholarships which require a higher GPA and/or enrollment in 12 semester hours.

Below is a list of those scholarships and their GPA requirements:

Name of Scholarship Required GPA Required Enrolled Hours
Abell-Hanger 3.0 12
Aidos 3.0 12
Bank of America Energy 2.0 12
Bryant 3.0  6
Collegiate 2.0 12
C.J. Red Davidson 2.0 12
Ed Darnell 2.0 12
Energas Building Trades 2.5  6
Frank & Eddie Stahl 2.0 12
Harrill 2.0 12
Marian & Jan Jones 2.5  6
O'Shaughnessy 3.0  6

* Scholarships are awarded by academic year. An academic year is from September through August. You must reapply each year to be considered for scholarships in the next academic year. There is no automatic renewal of scholarships.

* Scholarship recipients are selected on a first-come first-served basis and must also meet the donor's criteria. Therefore it is essential that you apply for the next academic year as early as possible. Applications are available on the WEB and in the financial aid office for the next academic year in January.

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Scholarship:   If not listed:


Year :   

Some ideas for letter content include:

Greeting: be sure to include your name in the greeting and the name of the scholarship. You could also say in your own words something like: "My name is ____________ I am a recipient of the _____________ scholarship. Thank you for your generous and thoughtful donation.

The most important thing is that you be forthright in expressing your appreciation for the
scholarship support. In this area you could address how much it means to you to receive this scholarship:

Your educational background: In this section please identify what your educational goals are include your major and how you plan to use or further your education in the future.

Your financial need: In this section please identify why this scholarship is so important to you and why you needed it to further your education. Be brief but include any personal financial issues you face.

What being at Midland College has meant to you: In this section, again briefly, relate your class room and educational experiences while attending Midland College.

Salutation/Closing: In this section you might include your name and a repeat of your thanks for the scholarship.

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