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Bachelor of Applied TechnologyOrganizational Management

The Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) in Organizational Management program is designed to broaden career opportunities for students with the goal to better their chances for promotion to supervisory positions.

Midland College is one of several community colleges within the State of Texas that is able to offer a bachelor's degree of this kind.

The program is designed to provide a career-ladder for students who have already completed an associate degree and who wish to continue their education at the bachelor’s degree level.



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Program Details

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  • The development of leaders who can identify opportunities, demonstrate the ability to embrace change, take the initiative to apply new technologies and the courage to empower others in the enterprise to achieve greater positive results.

  • The preparation of students to succeed in positions such as technology project managers, new business entrepreneurs, customer service managers, and the undertaking of other roles in small to mid-size companies that require a cross-functional understanding of business operations in a complex and challenging global economy. 

  • Upper division organizational management course work focuses student’s perspective of business operations, decision-making and requires an understanding of different facets of an enterprise operation.

  • Students will be introduced to information technology in enterprise management, organizational design and management, leadership, fiscal and ethical aspects of management, human resource management, and the emerging technologies required to manage in a competitive business environment.

A bachelor’s degree in business provides ample opportunity into a wide range of career choices. Whether you are looking to further your current career or obtain new skills that can help you begin a career in business, Midland College’s Bachelor’s in Organizational Management could be for you.

For those who wish to continue their education beyond the Bachelor’s level, this degree fulfills the requirement to move into a Master’s level. Numerous MC graduates have continued their education by pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

Below are some managerial positions available in industry, with salaries.

Managerial Positions Hourly Mean Yearly Mean
General and Operations $73.62 $153.140
Advertising and Promotions   56.19   116,880
Marketing   71.00   147,670
Sales   69.15   143,830
Human Resources   64.11   133,360
Purchasing   61.81   128,570


Salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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