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Midland College Policy Manual

Midland College is reviewing and revising all board-level policies. Legal policies and newly adopted local policies are currently available in our online manual. As local policies are reviewed, revised, and approved, they will be added to this site. Policies still under review are listed below.
For questions regarding policy status, please contact Dr. Deana Savage at docsavage@midland.edu.
Annual Budget 4:01:01
Annual Audit 4:01:02
Annual Financial Statement 4:01:03
General Accounting 4:02:01
Deposits of College Funds 4:03:02
Selection of Depository 4:03:03
Midland College Investment Policy 4:03:04
Receipts and Custody of Money 4:04:01
Gift Acceptance 4:04:02
Political Advertising 4:04:03
Conflict of Interest 4:04:04
Fund Raising and Private Donor Solicitation 4:04:05
Grant Proposal Development & Grant Awards 4:04:06
Motor Vehicle, Boat, or Airplane Donation 4:04:07
F. Marie Hall Academic Building Student/Faculty Permanent Art Collection 4:04:08
Tax Bond Issues 4:05:01
Revenue Bonds 4:05:02
Time Warrants 4:05:03
Short Term Notes 4:05:04
Ad Valorem Taxes 4:06:01
Expenditures Authorization and Check Signing 4:07:01
Buildings and Grounds 4:08:01
Insurance 4:08:02
Keys/Key Cards 4:08:03
Disposal of Surplus Property 4:09:01
Sale or Trade of District Land 4:09:02
Rentals and Service Charges 4:09:03
Campus Security Personnel 4:10:02
Rules and Regulations: Safety and Welfare: Traffic and Parking Controls 4:10:03
Purchasing 4:11:01
Purchasing Ethics 4:11:02
Vendor Relationships 4:11:03
Competitive Bidding 4:11:04
Equipment Inventory, Capitalization and Depreciation 4:12:01
Auxiliary Enterprises 4:13:01
Indebtedness to the College 4:13:02
Administrative Computer Services 4:14:01
Computer Catastrophe Control 4:14:03
Computer Replacements 4:14:04
Software Upgrades 4:14:05
Network Upgrades 4:14:06
Use of Facilities Other Than Al G. Langford Chaparral Center 4:15:01
Credit Cards 4:17:01
Cellular Phone/Beeper Usage 4:17:02
Hiring Processes 5:01:01
Equal Employment 5:01:02
Personnel Records 5:01:03
Conditions of Employment 5:01:04
Performance Evaluation 5:01:05
Disclosure of Employment Information 5:01:06
Nepotism 5:01:07
Employee Professional Development 5:01:08
Employment of Non-Citizens 5:01:09
New Positions 5:02:01
Work Hours 5:02:02
Re-Employment of Former Employees 5:02:03
Criminal History Background Checks 5:02:04
Salary Progression - Faculty/Classified Personnel 5:03:01
Faculty Assignments and Compensation - Summer and Interim Sessions 5:03:02
Reclassification 5:03:03
Promotion 5:03:04
Lateral Transfer 5:03:05
Demotion 5:03:06
Secretarial Advancements 5:03:07
Certified Professional Secretary/Administrative Professional 5:03:08
Salary-Grant Personnel 5:03:09
Leave for Staff Development 5:03:10
Annualized Salary 5:03:11
Outside Employment 5:04:01
Holidays 5:05:01
Vacation Leave 5:05:02
Sick Leave 5:05:03
Authorized Leave Other Than Sick Leave or Vacation 5:05:04
Family and Medical Leave Policy 5:05:05
Sick Leave Pool 5:05:06
General Travel 5:06:01
Intercollegiate Athletic Travel 5:06:02
Student Travel 5:06:03
Benefits 5:07:01
Employee Benefit Insurance 5:07:02
Worker's Compensation Insurance 5:07:03
Unemployment Insurance 5:07:04
Liability Insurance 5:07:05
Tuition/Fees Grant 5:08:01
Fees Grant 5:08:02
Employee Tuition / Fee Foundation Grant 5:08:03
Employee Grievance 5:09:01
Anti-Harassment, Including Sexual Harassment 5:09:02
Employee Conduct and Work Rules 5:09:03
Due Process for Disciplinary Action for Contract Employees 5:09:04
Technology Use and Ethics 5:09:05
Safety 5:09:06
Web Presence Policy 5:09:07
Payroll Authorization and Deductions 5:10:01
Personal Check Cashing 5:11:01
Retirement - Eligibility 5:12:01
Chronic Communicable Disease 5:13:01
Drug and Alcohol Abuse 5:13:02
Smoking 5:14:01
Use of Food, Drink, and Tobacco Products 5:14:02
Religious Harassment 5:15:02


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