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Prizes large and small awaited participants in the 2014 See MC/Sí, MC” event.

Over 100 prizes, worth $3,500, will be awardded at the See MC/Sí, MC event. Attendees that complete a Grand Prize Entry by visiting 20 Midland College booths and attending one college presentation will be eligible to enter a drawing to win one of the following grand prizes:

  Apple iPad Mini

  High school seniors will be eligible to win one of two $500 MC Scholarships

  Laptop Computer

  Kids’ College 2014 scholarship for 3 classes in one session

In addition:

  Over $1,000 in Logan's Roadhouse and Fuddrucker's gift cards will be awarded

  Over $500 in other small prizes will be awarded during the event

Thanks to event sponsors for making all the prizes possible!

 seemc prizes

footer seemcMidland College is dedicated to encouraging higher education participation by first generation to college families through events such as See MC/Sí, MC.

For more event information, please contact:
Alfredo Chaparro
(432) 559-1372