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Helpful Information

Submit official transcripts from ALL institutions that you have previously attended and/or are currently attending. Students attending classes at Texas public institutions, be sure to request the TSI status is included in the transcript.

Transcripts can be sent to:
          Midland College Registrar
          3600 N Garfield
          Midland, Texas 79705

Official transcripts: What are they?

  • Official transcripts are the academic record from another institution that bears the Registrar’s signature, College seal, and is produced on the authorized paper or electronic format. 
  • Official transcripts should be sent directly to Midland College from the other institution where you have attended previously. 
  • If you decide to bring the document to the college, the official transcript must remain sealed in the institution’s envelope. 
  • Transcripts that have been opened, or emailed transcripts from your personal email account, are not considered official and will not be accepted as official.
  • To view official transcripts received by Midland College, please log into to Campus Connect and choose "Registration Options" and click on "Transcript Tracking". (Transcripts received by Midland College will appear in green).
  • ****Faxed/scanned/copy and pasted transcripts are not considered official***
  • WARNING: Failure to provide all official transcripts by the end of the 15th class day of the term will result in a HOLD on your account.
  • You will not be able to register for additional classes, see your grades, or receive your official Midland College transcript until all official transcripts have been received and processed.                                                                                                       

If you have any questions regarding official transcripts, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 432-685-4513 or