Transient/University Students
Full-time student at another college or university

Transient Student FAQs

Q:  Are you a current college or university student and want to take some courses at Midland College to help meet your degree requirements? 
A:  Midland College courses are a great way to get college credit at a reasonable price to help you reach your degree goals faster.

Q:  Do I have to submit my meningitis documentation?
A:  If you are only taking online classes you do not need to submit your meningitis documentation. You will receive a notification that there is a hold on your account, acknowledge the message and continue to add the class. The hold will only keep you from registering for on-MC campus classes.  

Q:  Do I need to submit my high school transcript?
A:  A high school transcript is not necessary.

Q: What does Midland College have to offer?

♦  Our online courses are convenient. You can complete them without ever coming to our campus in Midland. 
♦  Available online courses include:

    • The standard 16-week fall and spring semesters
    • Two 8-week flex sessions that take place within the fall and spring semesters
    • Two 2.5-week interim sessions, one during winter break, and one just after spring semester ends
    • Two 6-week summer sessions
♦  Our courses are transferable to public colleges and universities and most private institutions. You will want to speak with your university advisors to be certain what courses will satisfy your degree requirement. 

There are six steps involved in taking online classes through Midland College as a visiting student. Each of these steps has its own page, with more information about that part of the process:

    1. Apply to MC
    2. Submit Official Transcripts
    3. Meet TSI Requirements
    4. Register for Course(s)
    5. Pay Tuition/Fees
    6. Access Your “Portals”