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Student Clubs and Organizations

It is time to re-register your organization! 

What you need:

  • Minimum of 10 currently enrolled Midland College students. 
  • Full-time faculty or staff member of Midland College to serve as your advisor. The Student Activities Office requires 1 advisor per 30 students in your organization.
  • Constitution and/or Bylaws that include your organization's mission statement. Your mission statement must relate to the Midland College Statement of Purpose.
  • All advisors and organizations must attend Risk Management, as per HB2639.  






Anime Club

Joey Severino

The Midland College Anime Club, or MCAC for short. Sometimes we call it A-club. We're pretty open about this whole thing, so just call it whatever and share your love of anime.

8 pm
SF 164

 Art Club

 Michael Hubbard

 Bringing awareness to students and citizens who are dedicated to supporting and disseminating arts and culture locally.


Spirit Squad

Ty Soliz

The Midland College Spirit Squad consists of the cheerleaders, mascot and the dance team. This is a group of selected individuals whose purposes are to promote and uphold school spirit, encourage crowd participation at athletic events, and develop a sense of good sportsmanship among students.


Education Society

Mary Braselton

The purpose for the Education Society at Midland College is to enhance the classroom experience for the professional educator.


International Student Club

Mike Makowsky

Promoting international spirit among fellow students, the campus community and the local community at large, building a truly international community of students at MC.



Isabel Jimenez

Midland College Latino American Student Society promotes the participation of Hispanic students in all that college has to offer, to broaden the horizon of the Hispanic student and get them involved.

2 pm
SSC Club Rm

Midland College Regents

Rey Hernandez

Providing the opportunity for students to develop leadership and communication skills through involvement in student recruitment and community outreach events for the college.  



 Music Club

 Bert Bostic

 To enrich our membership through practical performing experience and to provide them with extracurricular opportunities.


Phi Theta Kappa

Joe Willis

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of two-year colleges and academic programs, particularly community colleges and junior colleges. (Membership by Invitation)


Student Government Association

Stephanie VanCuren

Provides numerous leadership opportunities, organizes and assists with extracurricular activities, and participates in regional and statewide student government associations.

Fridays at noon during the fall/spring semesters

Students In Philanthropy (SIP)

Julia Vickery

The Midland College Students In Philanthropy Club (SIP) is an in-depth leadership training program which provides student members the opportunity to improve the quality of life in their community.


 The Women's Circle

Emily Brown

 A place where Midland College women can connect, share their personal and academic strategies, find support, and increase their self-esteem.


Youth Alumni Association

Dr. Donna Thompson

Provides an association for students attending Midland College who have aged out of foster care.