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What you need:

  • Minimum of 10 currently enrolled Midland College students. 
  • Full-time faculty or staff member of Midland College to serve as your advisor. The Student Activities Office requires 1 advisor per 30 students in your organization. (Advisors must be at least 21 years of age and must not be a current student of Midland College.)
  • Constitution and/or Bylaws that include your organization's mission statement. Your mission statement must relate to the Midland College Statement of Purpose.
  • All advisors and officers of organizations must attend Risk Management, as per TEX ED. CODE § 51.9361 

2014-2015 Student Organizations

Established Organizations

Student Government Association – Advisor: Stephanie VanCuren  |  President: Daniel Aldana

It is our purpose to increase the educational values of student life, to strengthen the unity of purpose among students, faculty, and administration of Midland College, to broaden the representative character of student government, to realize more fully in our student affairs and concepts the practices of efficient and dynamic democracy, and to foster pride in Midland College and its community.

Students in Philanthropy – Advisor: Julia Vickery

Ambassadors – Advisor: Julia Vickery 

Regents – Advisor: Jeremy Martinez

Phi Theta Kappa – Advisor: Lea Keesee


Academic Registered Organizations

Sigma Kappa Delta – Advisor: Stacy Egan  |  President: Nelida Valles

The purposes of the Society shall be educational, literary, and charitable. The Society shall strive to (A) confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in two-year institutions of higher education; (B) provide, through its local chapters, cultural stimulation on college campuses and to promote interest in literature and English language in the surrounding communities; (C) foster the discipline of English in all its aspects, including creative and critical writing; (D) promote community among its members; and (E) exhibit high standards of academic excellence.

Student Publications – Advisor: Bob Templeton  |  President: Alana Edgin

The Student Publications’ mission is to plan and conduct fund-raising, travel, and programming activities that are beneficial to its student members.

Geology Club – Advisor: Antony Giles  |  President: Marty Marin

The purpose of the Geological Club at Midland College is to provide an informal environment for students and faculty to discuss geologic topics, to promote their interaction, and to expand their opportunities for learning and experience through field trips and guest speakers.

Engineering Club – Advisor: Sonia Ford  |  President: David Rebenaldt

The purpose of the Midland College Engineering Club is to provide social opportunities to pre-engineering students while promoting academic support and excellence, and to provide networking opportunities to pre-engineering student with members of the community and universities.

Chemistry Club – Advisor: Pat Nandakumar  |  President: Zachary Lyon

Nurses Christian Fellowship – Advisor: Lea Keesee

Students of Sonography – Advisor: Laurie Fitzgerald

 Service Registered Organizations

Veterans Association – Advisor: Kay Schipper  |  President: Mike Gutierrez

Rotaract – Advisor: Tiffany Blakely

 Special Interest Registered Organizations

Art Guild – Advisor: Mike Richardson  |  President: Rachel Long

This student organization promotes the fine arts at Midland College and the surrounding community.  Our purpose is to create opportunities for the creation and enjoyment of art for club members and other MC students.

Totally Original Gamers’ Association – Advisor: John Oyerbides  |  President: Devin Johnson

Midland Student Nurses Association – Advisor: Dian White  |  President: Laura Carrillo

Amtgard – Advisor: David Edens  |  President: Chrystal Daughtery

Education Society – Advisor: Denise McKown  |  President Lyndsey Hendrix

Respiratory Care Club – Advisor: Bob Weidmann  |  President: Johana Lujan

International Student Club – Advisor: Amadomo Saye 

Religious Registered Organizations

Every Nation Campus Ministry – Advisor: David Coleman  |  President: Evander Shipp

The purpose of ENCM is to be a diverse group of Christian students, staff, and associate members who are committed to serving the Midland College campus by (A) Sharing the knowledge of life in Christ Jesus with the Midland College community; (B) Helping people in their relationship with Jesus Christ and providing them with training for victorious Christian living, leadership, and excellence; (C) Introducing its members to a local church family and other missions or ministry opportunities; (D) Making a positive impact on the Midland College campus by developing students, equipped with biblical solutions to contemporary problems, to serve every facet of the Midland College community and ultimately the world.

Navigators – Advisor: Norma Duran 

Purpose: (1) To Know Christ—through prayer, bible study, and service to others. (2) To Follow Christ—to be His disciples in the world. (3) To encourage others and to be encouraged by a fellowship of believers. (4) To be accountable to each other in our journey of faith and service. (5) To “Be the Church” by sharing the gospel with others.

Baptist Student Ministries – Advisor: Rabon Bewley  |  President: Hanna Cooley

Invictus – Advisor: Anita Martinez  |  President: Antonio Martinez

    2013-2014 Registered Student Organizations






Julia Vickery

MC Ambassadors are students actively involved in campus activities. They attend sporting events, lecture events, and performing arts programs; promote campus leadership; and meet new people. Their duties include volunteering for campus events, gaining leadership skills, and having a great time while promoting Midland College.


Anime Club

Joey Severino

The Midland College Anime Club, or MCAC for short. Sometimes we call it A-club. We're pretty open about this whole thing, so just call it whatever and share your love of anime.


8:00 p.m.

International Student Club

Michael Makowsky

Promoting international spirit among fellow students, the campus community and the local community at large, building a truly international community of students at MC.


Phi Theta Kappa

Lea Keesee

Duberlinda Mauricio

 Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of two-year colleges and academic programs, particularly community colleges and junior colleges. (Membership by Invitation)


Spirit Squad

Anthony Soliz

The Midland College Spirit Squad consists of the cheerleaders, mascot and the dance team. This is a group of selected individuals whose purposes are to promote and uphold school spirit, encourage crowd participation at athletic events, and develop a sense of good sportsmanship among students.


Engineering Club

Sonia Ford



Students In Philanthropy (SIP)

Julia Vickery

 The Midland College Students In Philanthropy Club (SIP) is an in-depth leadership training program which provides student members the opportunity to improve the quality of life in their community.


Respiratory Care Club

Bob Weidmann




Jeremy Martinez

 Providing the opportunity for students to develop leadership and communication skills through involvement in student recruitment and community outreach events for the college.


1:00 p.m.

Geology Club

Antony Giles

The purpose of the Geological Club at Midland College is to provide an informal environment for students and faculty to discuss geologic topics, to promote their interaction, and to expand their opportunities for learning and experience through field trips and guest speakers.


Student Government Association

Stephanie Van Curen

 Provides numerous leadership opportunities, organizes and assists with extracurricular activities, and participates in regional and statewide student government associations.



Amtgard College Club

David Edens

Amtgard is a live action roleplaying game that uses foam weapons and a comprehensive rules set to simulate battles in a fantasy world as well as encouraging arts & sciences such as garb making, armor crafting, writing, & performance.

7:00 p.m.
Senate Meeting Rm,
Student Cntr.

Every Nation Campus Ministry

Coach Coleman

ENCM campus meetings are weekly meeting on a college campus that gives students an hour a week to intentionally be around other believers. Our mission is to live authentic, intentional, spirit-led lives; to share the truth of God's word with all people; and to develop fully devoted followers of Christ.


Art Guild

Dagan Sherman



Baptist Student Ministry

Rabon Bewley

The Baptist Student Ministry is a great place to connect with people and grow in your faith at Midland College. Our passion is sharing the love of Jesus Christ to those on campus.



John Oyerbides

 Totally Original Gamers Association 


Chemistry Club

Pat Nandakumar

The Chemistry club is involved with creating a community awareness in Science through demonstrations and Hands on activities. The club reaches out to the local school district and visits several of the elementary schools to encourage kids in young age in Chemistry. The student leaders develop a passion for the subject- Chemistry and they involve in campus wide activities.


Wesley Foundation

James Fuller



The Navigators

Michele Van Stavern

“Navigators” is the name of the Christ Church (Anglican) campus ministry outreach program for Midland College students. This religious organization supports the Midland College mission and core values (Faith, Knowledge, Truth, Understanding, and Wisdom). It consists of weekly lunch/fellowship gatherings as well as separate bible study times in the MC Scharbauer Student Center.


Rock Solid

Jenny Garnica



Sigma Kappa Delta

Stacy Egan

Sigma Kappa Delta is a National English Honor Society dedicated to promoting love of literature on two year college campuses and across communities. Eligible students participate in service projects on campus and within the community, plan social events on campus, and enjoy leadership opportunities.


Education Society

Denise McKown

The purpose for the Education Society at Midland College is to enhance the classroom experience for the professional educator.