MC Veterans Affairs Office • Important Information


What do I do if my check doesn't arrive?

Unfortunately, there isn't much that the MC Veterans Affairs office can do if your check doesn't arrive. The first thing YOU can do is to call our office to ensure that your certification has been submitted. If it has been submitted, you should call the VA at 1-888-442-4551. The VA representatives at this number can look up your file when you provide them with your VA claim number. They are able to verify or deny receipt of your certification as well as determine whether or not your check has been cut.

Adds/Drops/Withdrawals/Change of Address

Many veterans assume that the Veterans Affairs office is automatically informed when there has been a change in the student's address, schedule or withdrawal from Midland College. THIS IS NOT THE CASE! Each veteran is PERSONALLY responsible for reporting ANY change in his/her status directly to the VA Coordinator.

All adds, drops and withdrawals MUST be reported by the veteran in order to receive the applicable benefits correctly. Remember, the veteran will be held responsible for all overpayments.

Changes of address or direct deposit information MUST be reported by the veteran to the VA Processing Office. This can be done by phone at 1-800-442-4551 or on the GI Bill website at either the "WAVE" or the "ASK A QUESTION" feature. 

Repeating of Courses

A repeated course may only be certified by the VA if: 

 • a minimum grade of "C" is required by a department as stated in the catalog.

 • a course is failed. NOTE: If the course is failed a second time, the student will be required to re-pay the VA for that course.

The VA will not allow payment for courses for which the student has already received credit. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that there is no repetition of a course which has been previously completed and passed. 

Unsatisfactory Progress

VA students must meet the criteria for satisfactory progress as put forth in the Midland College catalog. A student who remains on academic probation for two consecutive terms must be reported to the RPO as making unsatisfactory progress. Once reported for unsatisfactory progress benefits are terminated and cannot be resumed until the student attends and regains good academic standing at Midland College. The VA Coordinator will then report to the RPO the student’s renewed eligibility for VA education benefits. 

Hours & Rate of Pursuit for Undergraduates

For the Fall and Spring semesters:
Full Time = 12 or more hours
3/4 Time = 9 to 11 hours
1/2 Time = 6 to 8 hours

For the Summer semesters:
Full Time = 4 hours in each 5-week session; 6 hours in each 8-week session
3/4 Time = 3 hours in each 5-week session; 5 hours in each 8-week session
1/2 Time = 2 hours in each 5-week session; 3 hours in each 8-week session

Hazlewood Exemption

The Hazlewood Act (Section 54.203, Texas Education Code) exempts Texas veterans from payment of tuition and certain fees at state-supported institutions of higher education. There have been recent changes made to this legislation affecting the eligibility of the veteran, the assignment of Hazlewood hours to certain dependents, and the ability of the veteran to use some federal education benefits concurrently with the Hazlewood Exemption.  For more information please contact the Midland College Financial Aid office or visit the Texas Veterans Commission website at

The MC Veterans Affairs office is here to assist students seeking VA education benefits. We strive to ensure that each student fulfills his/her responsibilities under the VA program.

Contact Information:

Kimberly Schipper, VA Coordinator
Financial Aid Office, Scharbauer Student Center, Room 131
(432) 685-4511