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The mission of the Midland College Police Department is to maintain a safe environment for students, staff, and visitors.  It is our goal to assist you in any way possible. Your safety is of great importance to us.  In keeping with this mission we provide many services to the public.

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These regulations are established by the college, pursuant to VATS, Education Code section 51.202, to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of college business including parking. The college makes every effort to provide protection to vehicles parked on campus but cannot assume the responsibility for any loss. Operating a motor vehicle on the campus is a privilege and is conditional, in part, on complying with these rules and regulations.

General Regulations

  1. The person who registers a vehicle with the College obtains a non-transferable parking permit and is responsible for all parking violations.
  2. Pedestrians are given the right of way at all times.
  3. The maximum speed limit on campus streets is 20 miles per hour. The parking lot speed limit is 10 miles per hour. The campus is defined as all lands owned by the College.
  4. The above regulations apply to all college faculty, staff, students and visitors.


Vehicle Registration

  1. In order to park a vehicle on campus, students, staff, and faculty must obtain a vehicle registration permit at the MC Police Department located in the Scharbauer Student Center.
  2. Students are required to register motor vehicles at the time of registration or when they begin driving on campus. There is no additional charge for the permit.
  3. Faculty and staff must register their vehicles on or before the day they begin parking a vehicle on campus.
  4. Any person giving false information regarding vehicle registration is subject to disciplinary action.
  5. Parking permits must be affixed to the inside of the windshield on the lower right side.
  6. State law requires that vehicles have Texas registration and Texas Vehicle Inspection Certificates if the owner of the vehicle resides in Texas.


Parking Information

  1. The College issues staff and student permits.
  2. Parking spaces for staff are designated by signs at the end of every row and by yellow striping on the pavement. Only employees and visitors are allowed to park in those areas. Special parking areas, such as handicapped and fire zones, are indicated by signs.
  3. The Administration parking lot (between Scharbauer Student Center and the Pevehouse Administration Building) is reserved for administration personnel and visitors, except during registration.
  4. Students working on campus will be assigned student permits and must park in student parking.
  5. Persons with physical handicaps who have been issued the state-authorized handicapped parking permits or license plates must obtain a college permit but may park in any handicapped parking area so long as the handicapped permit is displayed as required by state law.
  6. Parking permits will be issued to allow parking of motorcycles in designated two-wheel areas. Permits must be permanently attached to the fork on the front of the motorcycle.
  7. Replacement permits or additional permits are $1 each and are available from the Midland College police Department located in the Scharbauer Student Center.
  8. Parking violations must be paid at the Cashier's Office; unpaid fines will result in transcript and registration holds.



Parking Fines and Penalties

Unauthorized parking in   handicapped space (enforced through   the City of Midland)


Traffic Violation   (enforced   through Midland County JP Court)


Permit Not Displayed


Student parked in employee zone


Parking where prohibited


Not Parked Within the Lines





After a student/staff/faculty receives five or more unpaid tickets at any given time, the next violation could result in their vehicle being impounded.  There will be a charge of $50, in addition to the impound fee.

mcpdpatchThe mission of the Midland College Police Department is to maintain a safe environment for students, staff, and visitors.

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