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Get some great, FREE information to help you make the best Career Choice for you. Find out the steps you need to set your Career Goal. Take some fun and quick tests that help you choose the best possible Career for Your Future.

Career Cruising offers a suite of online career guidance and planning tools designed for people of all ages. Using their tools, you can find the right career, explore education and training options, build your own portfolio, manage your school’s course selection process, or set up a career development network in your community.

  • Learn about the hot careers in Texas
  • Learn about your career choice
  • Learn how YOU can start a career through Midland College

For more information, or to access Career Cruising, please contact:

 • Career Cruising Home Page

Anita Martinez, Transition Specialist, Cogdell Learning Center
(432) 684-5021

Lynda Webb, MC Dean of Adult & Developmental Education
(432) 685-6884

Amy Huff, MC Welcome Center Coordinator
(432) 686-4816