Career Center • Career Interest Surveys

These surveys, a set of four, will help you identify areas of personal strength and career interest. The information below is a highlight of the four surveys.


Career Clusters Interests Inventory

Discover your career interests among sixteen unique industry types.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Learn more about your personality type, and what careers might fit you best.

Self-Directed Search

Gain more information about yourself, and how your individual skills and interests are related to your career choice

Career Assessment Inventory

Compare your career interests with others actually working within that profession.


How to pick-up a Career Survey


For an orientation about Career Interest Surveys, please contact Louise Powell, Career Center Specialist, at (432) 685-5524, or at  When you have completed your responses on the Career Surveys, she will score those responses, and then coordinate your appointment for career counseling that would include interpretation of survey responses and how they connect your college major with your future career.


Career counseling appointments may be made with Dale Williams at (432) 685-5598. 



For more information contact:
Dale Williams 
Scharbauer Student Center, Room 237
(432) 685-5598
Fax: (432) 685-4774