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The editor must be able to work with all staff members in a friendly, supportive manner. Patience and flexibility are a must. El Paisano's editor helps collect story ideas and assign stories each Thursday during staff meetings.

The editor should be available in the lab most days for daily work, planning and contact with reporters. The editor, with the help of the lab instructor, will plan each paper choosing which stories appear where.

Good judgment will be emphasized. The editor should read everything that goes into the paper--making editorial changes and/or corrections when necessary.

The editor carries the ultimate responsibility for everything that appears in the paper. The editor is also responsible for seeing that each page editor finishes his/her page(s) on time. On press days, the editor will check each page before it is declared finished.

Editorial Editor

This editor is in charge of laying out the commentary page(s) each press day. This page includes the editorial, standing columns, staff box, cartoon, letters to the editor, and other opinion pieces as room allows.

News Editor

News editor lays out the news page(s) each press day. The news editor will work with editor to decide which news stories are to appear on the news pages.

Entertainment Editor

The entertainment editor will lay out this page each press day. Usually this person is interested in the entertainment industry and writes for the page. Movie, video, music, concert, book and television reviews written by students appear on this page along with appropriate photos or graphics.

Feature Editor

Feature editor will layout feature page(s) each press day. The editorial staff decides what should appear on feature page.

Sports Editor

Sports editor usually is interested in sports and helps cover the sporting events on campus. The sports editor is also allowed to write a sports opinion standing column, if he/she wants.

Advertising Manager

The advertising manager helps coordinate advertising for the newspaper. They will sell, build, lay out, and create the billing for ads that appear in the newspaper.


Editor or Co-Editor

This is essentially a layout and design job. The editors are given the winning pieces from two Midland College spring creative writing contests. The editors, with the help of the lab instructor, decide what pieces will appear in the magazine. The editors are responsible for finding artwork to accompany the short stories, essays and poems that appear in the magazine.


Editor or Co-Editor

The Chaparral is a news/feature magazine published during the spring semester each year. The editor helps plan the stories for the magazine and coordinates deadlines and needed graphics with the reporters. The editor is in charge of the lay out and design of the magazine.

Student Publications Photographers

Photographers help cover campus activities. Film supplies are provided.

Student Publications Advertising Sales

People Interested students sell advertising for the student newspaper. The service the accounts, build the ads and coordinate ad sales information with the advertising manager.

Student Publications Distribution People

Each time a publication is printed, it must be distributed on campus and off campus. Students help distribute papers to all campus buildings. Newspapers to be mailed must be folded, labeled and separated.

We also need Cartoonists and Artists for various publications.

Interested students should contact Bob Templeton at , AFA 183, Midland College, 3600 N. Garfield, Midland, Texas 79705, (432) 685-4655.

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For more information, please contact:
Bob Templeton, Allison Chair of Journalism
(432) 685-4655 •