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The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a program designed to help students be successful in college. It includes assessment of students before entering a state-supported college or university, advisement and an individual plan designed to prepare students to meet college-readiness skills. Students are required to submit TSI assessment test scores or proof of exemption prior to enrolling.  

Helpful Information

  • In many cases, Transfer students in Texas have already addressed the TSI requirement at their home institution and the TSI status is identified on the official transcript (if the institution is a Texas public college or university).
  • Students who are from a private or out-of-state college or university may meet the TSI requirement if the student has earned college-level coursework in English (equivalent to ENGL1301 or 1302) or any college-level Math. 
  • If TSI status has not been identified/met via college or university transcript please visit the TSI page for more information.
  • A pre-assessment (PAA) is required before you can take the TSI Exam:
  • Students on most certificate plan do not need to provide testing or proof of testing results.
  • Please allow at least 4 hours to complete TSI (reading, writing, math)To sign up for the TSI on campus or for more information regarding testing please visit the Midland College Testing Center or contact them at (432) 685-4504 or
  • ACT or SAT scores can also exempt your from having to take the TSI exam:
       Passing TSI Assessment

       Math: 350
       Reading: 351
       Writing: Essay Score of 5/or Essay Score of 4 + Multiple Choice: 363

       Exemptions- Valid for 5 Years

       Composite: 23 (English + Math)
       English 19 and/or Math 19

       NEW SAT - Administered on or after March 5,2016
EBRW : 480
       Math: 530

       SAT - Administered before March 2016
Composite: 1070 (Reading + Math)
       Critical Reading: 500 and/or Math: 500