Student Life • Student Activities Office


The Student Activities Office provides non-academic activities and support to students as needed.
Clubs, student government, and all other student-related activities operate through this office.



Student Clubs and Organizations

Club registration has CLOSED for the 2013-2014 academic year.
Next registration period: August 25 - September 30.


What you need:
  • Minimum of 10 currently enrolled Midland College students. 
  • Full-time faculty or staff member of Midland College to serve as your advisor. The Student Activities Office requires 1 advisor per 30 students in your organization.
  • Constitution and/or Bylaws that include your organization's mission statement. Your mission statement must relate to the Midland College Statement of Purpose.
  • All advisors and organizations must attend Risk Management, as per HB2639.  


Student Activities has some great events planned for you!

Check out the Upcoming Events page to find out more!


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For more information contact:


Stephanie VanCuren

Student Activities Coordinator


Daniel Wright

 Student Activities Assistant


Jan Johnston

Student Life Secretary