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For many students at Midland College, the importance of scholarships and financial aid cannot be overstated. Financial Aid at Midland College is intended to help students and their families pay for the costs associated with obtaining their goal of a college education.

For more information about the many MC scholarships available and other ways to pay for your college education, contact MC's Financial Aid office at or (432) 685-5511.

MC Scholarship Application 

 • Midland's Legacy Scholarship Home (web pages)

 • Midland's Legacy Scholarship, Online Application (secure form)

  MC Ambassador Program (web pages)

MC Students in Philanthropy Scholarship Program (web page)

 • MC Ambassadors Scholarship Application (pdf)

  Charles, Lela and Mary Slough Foundation Scholarship

  Graduating Sophomore Scholarships

 • Scholars' Dollars Program at the Midland College Williams Regional Technical Training Center (WRTTC) in Fort Stockton (will open new page)