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Keeping your Aid and getting to know Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Satisfactory Academic Progress

 Federal and state regulations require that all financial aid recipients meet specific academic standards called Satisfactory Academic Progress. All students must maintain specified grade point averages and proceed through their academic program at a pace leading to completion within a specified time frame, to qualify and remain eligible for assistance from federal financial aid programs. This means that you must:

- Complete a minimum of 67% of the hours you enroll in each semester. (This includes withdrawal hours.)

- Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0.

- Complete your degree requirements within a maximum number of hours (student's attempted hours exceed 150 percent of the current program of study.)


NOTE: Students who are close to exceeding the time frame limitations (90 hours for Associate’s Degree seekers or 45 hours for Certificate seekers) will automatically be placed on financial aid suspension and will no longer be eligible to receive financial aid unless an appeal has been approved

Consequences of All F and/or W grades

 If you receive federal financial aid and you receive all "F", withdrawn (after the add/drop period) or stop attending all of your classes, a portion of your aid may be reversed and you will be immediately placed on financial aid suspension.


Appeal Process

Students who fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress may appeal the suspension of federal financial aid by filling out a Student Suspension Review Request if they think they have extenuating circumstances. These circumstances must be documented and submitted with the appeal, which will be reviewed along with academic transcripts by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. To submit an appeal, please complete the Suspension Appeal Form.  View the full SAP policy here.