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The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a program designed to help students be successful in college. It includes assessment of students before entering a state-supported college or university, advisement and an individual plan designed to prepare students to meet college-readiness skills. 

Helpful Information

  • A pre-assessment (PAA) is required before you can take the TSI Exam:
  • Testing or proof of testing is required for registration for academic dual credit classes. Please see the testing requirement chart below for required scores.
  • Students on a certificate plan do not need to provide testing or proof of testing results.
  • Please allow at least 4 hours to complete TSI (reading, writing, math)
  • For more information regarding testing please visit the Midland College Testing Center or contact them at (432) 685-4504 or

Testing Requirements

Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test scores or exemption documentation. Examples: Scores on TSI, SAT, ACT or PSAT (11th grade only). Students must meet required testing pre-requisites in order to enroll.

Passing TSI Assessment
Math: 350
Reading: 351
Writing: Essay Score of 5 / or Essay Score of 4 + Multiple Choice: 363

Exemptions - Valid for 5 years
Composite: 23 (English + Math)
English 19 and/or Math 19
Composite: 1070 (Reading + Math)
Critical Reading: 500 and/or Math: 500