Greenwood Fall 2017

Academic Transfer Course Offerings

DEPT/NO       COURSE TITLE                      
 ARTS 1301  Art Appreciation
 ECON 2301  Principles of Macroeconomics
 ENGL 1301  Composition I  
 ENGL 2322  British Literature I  
 GOVT 2305  Federal Government
 HIST 1302  US History II 
 MATH 1314  College Algebra
 SPAN 1411  Beginning Spanish I 
 SPCH 1315  Public Speaking

Career/Technical Courses

DEPT/NO       COURSE TITLE                      
 AUMT 1305  Intro to Auto Tech
 AUMT 1316  Auto Suspension and Steering
 DEMR 1329  Preventative Maintenance
 DEMR 1330  Steering and Suspension !
 MCHN 1320  Precision Tools and Measurement
 OSHT 1301  Intro to Safety and Health

For enrollment/registration questions and information please contact the MC Dual Credit Liaison Jene' Brown: 432-685-5538 or