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Student Due Process

Midland College provides due process procedures for its students to assure that specific problems are addressed in a fair, reasonable, and timely manner. Students may seek review of decisions or redress of grievances related to their participation in college programs or activities including:

    • disciplinary action.
    • assignment of a final course grade. ( See Grade Appeal Policy, Adobe .pdf file )
    • denial of admission to, dismissal from, or denial of readmission to a limited access program.
    • perceived discriminatory action based on race, color, age, natural origin, sex, disability, marital status, religion, or any other condition prohibited by law.

Students are encouraged to seek informal resolution of problems by discussing issues directly with the college employee involved and/or that individual’s supervisor. In the event that informal discussions do not resolve disputed issues, a student may request a formal hearing. During a hearing, the decision in dispute and related circumstances will be reviewed, and the student will have an opportunity to present his or her viewpoint.

A. Hearing Procedures

   1. A student seeking a formal hearing of a disputed decision must submit a Request for Formal Hearing to the Vice President of Student Services within fifteen working days of the event in question. Such request must describe the disputed act, the parties involved and the action requested.

   2. The Vice President of Student Services will assure that appropriate college personnel are informed, and a hearing will be scheduled within fifteen working days of the filing of a grievance. A due process facilitator will be appointed to conduct the hearing and provide information to all parties involved in the hearing process.

   3. The hearing panel will consist of a balanced group including a member of the department or division involved, an individual outside the department or division involved and a representative from the instructional area or the student services area as appropriate. The student may present information and/or arrange, with permission of the facilitator, for others to present information. A student advocate will be available if the student needs assistance in the hearing procedure. The Midland College employee involved in the dispute may do likewise. All materials to be considered in the hearing must be submitted to the Vice President of Student Services 48 hours prior to the scheduled hearing. It is the policy of the college that legal counsel will not be involved in dispute resolution before all internal remedies have been exhausted.

   4. The hearing panel may uphold, overturn or revise the disputed decision and the facilitator conducting the hearing will provide all involved parties a written statement of the panel’s decision.

   5. Actions which result from disputed decisions and which affect student status or participation in Midland College programs or activities will be deferred until after the formal hearing unless otherwise directed by either the Executive Vice President or the Vice President of Student Services.

   6. When either the Vice President of Student Services or the Executive Vice President has been directly involved in disputed action with a student, he or she shall designate a representative to serve in his or her stead during hearings or appeals.

B. Appeals

   1. Either party may appeal the due process action taken by the hearing panel. However, only procedural matters will be addressed in subsequent review.

   2. A student seeking to appeal the decision of the hearing panel must file a written request with the Vice President of Student Services within ten days of receipt of the hearing panel’s decision. This request must state the grievance and requested action and will be forwarded to the appropriate vice president for review.

   3. If a need for an appeal hearing is determined, the Vice President of Student Services and the Executive Vice President shall handle appeals in each other’s areas of supervision including selecting balanced panels to hear such appeals and chairing appeal hearings.

   4. The student will be given a decision regarding an appeal within ten working days of filing the request for appeal.

   5. The President has the right to overturn any decision from a hearing or an appeal.

See Policy No. 03:04: 01 Student rights, Responsibilities and Due Process
(Adobe .pdf file)


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