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Midland College Youth Alumni Association
You're invited to be part of the fun!


YAA provides an association for students attending Midland College who have aged out of foster care. Members receive text messages about state and local youth alumni events, community support programs, and MC support programs such as financial aid, academic advising, campus-wide advocates, faculty mentors, peer tutors and career counseling. YAA members also host a social event each semester with a family-style atmosphere of food and games. 

What is the Youth Alumni Association (YAA)
YAA participants will learn about college life-its ups and downs-by joining friends who have gone through similar life experiences. Receive assistance with financial aid, housing, registration and social activities. Members will also find out about college events and how to get involved. The Association joined with Student Life and decided that together they could make college life easier for youth who have "aged out of care" and choose to attend Midland College. An annual luncheon discussed issues and plans for future semesters. Known as the Youth Alumni Alliance it includes you, your Midland College champions, High Sky Ranch, Centers for Children and Families, and PAL/Department of Family Protective Services.

Who can join?
Anyone! No dues required. The student association is led by youth enrolled at Midland College. Association advisors are Dennis Sever ( ) and Donna Thompson (

What's in it for me?
 •  Fun activities, pizza parties, Hall Talks for dorm residents, and Intramural Sports
 •  Academic advising  •  Easy access for purchase of textbooks
 •  Easy application process for student housing
 •  Financial Aid information
 •  MC Career Center assistance for peer tutors, faculty mentors, career counseling, and pat-time job information.

 How do I find out more?

(432) 685-5525

Office: Room 246, in the Scharbauer Student Center, on the MC campus. 

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