Course Evaluation Information

Midland College uses EvaluationKit for our course evaluations. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding evaluations...

Will the names or characteristics of students be available in the results?
No. Personal information is not associated with the results to protect student anonymity.

Is the system secure and anonymous?
The software used guarantees the anonymity of the students and secures the data in an electronic format that cannot be lost and is disaster proof.

How can my responses be anonymous if I am logged in?
A login is required so that the software can determine the courses you need to evaluate. Instructors are NOT provided access to any names of students.

If responses are confidential, how am I able to receive email reminders that I have not yet completed my course evaluation?
The software has the functionality to allow automatic email reminders to be sent to non-responders at pre-determined intervals.

How are the results of course evaluations used?
Faculty are encouraged to use the results in evaluating their own teaching and planning future courses.
Results of course evaluations may be used in both faculty annual performance reviews and the application for promotion and tenure.

Confidentiality and Integrity
Be assured that the EvaluationKIT software protects student anonymity. Paper based surveys are handwritten, so the online version better protects a student_s identity. The surveys are given prior to the students receiving their grades and results withheld from faculty until after the grading period. Survey access is organized and controlled for each student. Students view their own Student Dashboard where they can only access surveys for courses they are enrolled in. Students are only able to provide one survey submission per survey, and their responses are completely anonymous. Choose from a variety of different options to allow your students access, including; integration with your Learning Management System and Student Portal, through email, and as a standalone process.
Students may wonder why they receive an email if they don_t complete your evaluations, or why your instructor reminds the class that all the evaluations for the course have not been completed.

EvaluationKIT records each instance of a completed survey for a given course/instructor, so that a student can only complete an evaluation for a particular course once. At the time the survey completion is marked in the system, the information that identifies the student submitting responses is disassociated from the data. This allows the system to recognize that students have completed the evaluation process without linking their identities, including names, schools, or majors with the actual responses.