Academic Programs • Respiratory Care • Suggested Courses

Prior to Fall admission complete Anatomy and Physiology I and Anatomy and Physiology II with a grade of "C" or better. These are the only prerequisite courses required for admission into the Respiratory Care Program.

1st Year

Fall Semester

RSPT 1260          Clinical I              

RSPT 1307          Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology

RSPT 1410          Respiratory Care Procedures I

RSPT 1425          Respiratory Care Sciences

Spring Semester

RSPT 1213          Basic Respiratory Care Pharmacology

RSPT 1360          Clinical II

RSPT 1411          Respiratory Care Procedures II

RSPT 2310          Cardiopulmonary Disease

HPRS 1106          Medical Terminology

Summer I

RSPT 1160          Clinical III

RSPT 2305          Pulmonary Diagnostics

Summer II           

RSPT 1161          Clinical IV

RSPT 2135          Pediatric Advanced Life Support

RSPT 1141          Home Care/Rehabilitation

RSPT 2353          Neonatal/Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Care

2nd Year

 Fall Semester

RSPT 2255          Critical Care Monitoring

RSPT 2360          Clinical V

HFA                     Humanities/Visual/Performing Arts Elective

BIOL 2421            Microbiology

RSPT 2139           Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Spring Semester

RSPT 2130          Examination Preparation

RSPT 2247          Specialties in Respiratory Care

RSPT 2361          Clinical VI

SBS                      Social/Behavioral Science Elective

ENGL 1301          Composition and Rhetoric

Midland College offers a full-time program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC)
visit the CoARC website

For more information about the Respiratory Care Program at Midland College, contact:
Bob Weidmann, Program Director
(432) 685-5549 |