Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement • Syllabi

Linked to this page are abbreviated syllabi for courses within the Criminal Justice discipline at Midland College. Comprehensive syllabi are provided for each student at the beginning of the semester for each course in which they are enrolled.

Text books are subject to change from semester, as are specific requirements for each course. These syllabi are brief descriptions of the courses and, for most of them, the usual grading scheme.

CRIJ 1301, CRIJ 1306, CRIJ 1310, CRIJ 2313, and CRIJ 2328 have been designated by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as the Criminal Justice Field of Study and are required courses in both degree plans (AS and AAS) as well as the Law Enforcement Certificate offered at Midland College. 

CRIJ 1301 Syllabus

CRIJ 1306 Syllabus

CRIJ 1307 Syllabus

CRIJ 1310 Syllabus

CRIJ 1313 Syllabus

CRIJ 2301 Syllabus

CRIJ 2313 Syllabus

CRIJ 2314 Syllabus

CRIJ 2323 Syllabus

CRIJ 2328 Syllabus

CJSA 1392 Syllabus

CJSA 2323 Syllabus

CJLE 1327 Syllabus

CJLE 1333 Syllabus

HMSY 1337 Syllabus

HMSY 1343 Syllabus

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