Degrees & Certificates

Midland College offers six degrees: Bachelor of Applied Technology, Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts in General Studies, Associate of Science in General Studies, and Associate of Applied Science. The Bachelor of Applied Technology degree provides an advance course of study in Organizational Management.


The Associate of Arts or the Associate of Science is chosen from a regular course of study as listed in the catalog. These degrees are primarily for the first two years of a four year degree. The Associate of Arts in General Studies or the Associate of Science in General Studies is selected when an individualized plan is needed. These degrees can also be used for the undecided major. The Associate of Applied Science is selected for a major in an occupational/technical field of study.


 • Core Requirements 

 • Specific Degree Requirements 

 • Transfer Information 




 • Bachelor of Applied Technology
 • Associate of Arts
 • Associate of Arts in Teaching
 • Associate of Science
 • Associate of Applied Science
 • Certificates
 • Pre-Major Transfer Guides



Degree & Certificate Programs

(listed in alphabetical order)


 Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology

 • Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling

 • Anthropology

 • Arts

 • Automotive Technology

 • Aviation Maintenance Technology

 • Behavioral Science

 • Biology

 • Business Administration

 • Business Systems

 • Chemistry

 • Child Care and Development

 • Communications

 • Computer Graphics Technology

 • Computer Maintenance

 • Computer Science/Programming

 • Computer Software Applications (see Business Systems)

 • Cosmetology

 • Criminal Justice

 • Diagnostic Medical Sonography

 • Diesel Technology

 • Drafting (see Computer Graphics Technology)

 • Drama

 • Education - Other than Special Education

 • Education - Special Education

 • Emergency Medical Services

 • Energy Technology - Petroleum

 • Energy Technology - Wind

 • English

 • Fire Science Technology

 • Geology

 • Government/Political Science

 • Health Information Technology

 • History

 Information Technology - Networking

 • Information Technology - Data Management

 • Kinesiology/Physical Education

 • Long Term Care Administration

 • Mathematics

 • Modern & Classical Languages (Foreign Languages and American Sign Language)

 • Music

 • Nursing - Associate Degree

 • Nursing - Vocational

 • Organizational Management

 • Paralegal

 Physical Education (see Kinesiology/Physical Education)

 • Physics

 • Psychology

 Respiratory Care

 • Sign Language (see Modern & Classical Languages)

 • Social Science

 • Sociology

 • Sonography (see Diagnostic Medical Sonography)

 • Spanish (see Modern & Classical Languages)

 • Speech

 • Welding Technology



Additional Disciplines 

• Accounting

Adult and Developmental Education

Adult Basic Education