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Please note: These Syllabi are from fairly recent offerings of these courses, and are intended to give prospective students an idea of the course content. They are not the Syllabus for this semester, and are not contracts for this semester. The dates will be incorrect. The current Syllabus for these courses may well differ, in some cases significantly, from these past Syllabi.

Introduction to Philosophy, Phil 1301

Recent on-campus syllabus

Recent on-campus Summer syllabus

Introduction to World Religions, Phil 1304

History of Christianity, Phil 1316

Recent on-campus syllabus

Introduction to Logic, Phil 2303

Ethics, Phil 2306

Recent on-campus syllabus

Philosophy of Religion, Phil 2301

Recent on-campus syllabus

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Philosophy courses are surveys of humanity’s attempt to answer the questions of where do we come from, how we should live, and where we are going. They also help develop rational thought and critical thinking.

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