Philosophy • How do Philosophy Courses Count for MC Degrees and Transfers?


How Do Philosophy Courses Count Toward
a Midland College Degree and Transfer?

Midland College
—Philosophy 1301 (Introduction to Philosophy), Philosophy 2303 (Introduction to Logic) and Philosophy 2306 (Ethics) all fulfill the 3-hour Humanities requirement that is part of the Core Curriculum at Midland College. All other Philosophy courses count as electives at MC.

Transfer Credit—All of our Philosophy courses will transfer to any virtually public College or University in Texas as the course listed in the MC Catalog. Also, Philosophy 1301 will almost always count as part of the Humanities requirement for the Core Curriculum at these colleges. Other Philosophy courses may also count toward the Core, but this varies. In all cases, when you are considering a transfer, you should check with both your advisor and the college you are considering to see what their transfer policies are.

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Philosophy courses are surveys of humanity’s attempt to answer the questions of where do we come from, how we should live, and where we are going. They also help develop rational thought and critical thinking.

James Liggett