Why Study History?

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Why study history? The obvious reason is the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board requires all Associate Degree-seeking students to complete two courses (six semester credit hours) in history. History, however, is an essential course for the intellectual development of all students. 

At Midland College, the History program is devoted to the study of ideas and culture in the historical and modern worlds.  In each course offered, students are broadly engaged in lecture, discussion, and text. Beyond facts and dates, professors seek to make the material relevant by linking the past to the present.

History is essential to teach us to think critically about the world around us. History courses at Midland College will help students develop an understanding of the complex nature of human interaction over time and make them more conscientious judges of an often confusing present.

In addition, the study of History at Midland College prepares students in career and technical areas for the entry into the workforce by giving them the skills necessary to be successful anywhere: reading, writing, communication and critical thinking.

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