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Noyce Scholars Program
A Program for Students Pursuing Careers as STEM Teachers

noyceThis is a collaboration between Midland College and Texas Tech University. The Noyce Scholars program is primarily designed for undergraduate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) students who are interested in making an impact through teaching. The program is divided into two tracks: Pre-Noyce Summer Fellows and Noyce Scholars. More on this program at

For more information about this grant, please contact:
Margaret Wade, EdD
(432) 685-4615

GeologyGeology is designed to acquaint the student with the processes, applications, and techniques of earth science. It is suitable for someone who intends to complete a Bachelor’s degree in geology or a related field like oceanography, meteorology, geophysics, or environmental science. Students who seek a degree in science education at either the elementary or secondary level may wish to emphasize geology in their degree plans.

For non-majors, geology courses offer a greater understanding of the world that enhances one’s appreciation of surface features, environmental concerns, resource utilization, and the grandeur of immense changes through time.

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Faculty / Adjunct Faculty / Staff

Joan Gawloski       121 AHSF    685-4630
Antony Giles         117 AHSF    685-5580
Keonho Kim          116 AHSF    685-4739
Karen Waggoner    AMSA07     685-5540
Theresa Kemp     
Matthew Boggs    
Tracy Gurule
          147 AHSF   685-4728  (Lab Coordinator)