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GeologyGeology is designed to acquaint the student with the processes, applications, and techniques of earth science. It is suitable for someone who intends to complete a Bachelor’s degree in geology or a related field like oceanography, meteorology, geophysics, or environmental science. Students who seek a degree in science education at either the elementary or secondary level may wish to emphasize geology in their degree plans.

  For non-majors, geology courses offer a greater understanding of the world that enhances one’s appreciation of surface features, environmental concerns, resource utilization, and the grandeur of immense changes through time.

Faculty / Adjunct Faculty

  Joan Gawloski      121 AHSF         685-4630

  Antony Giles         117 AHSF         685-5580

  Keonho Kim          119 AHSF         685-4739

 Karen Waggoner                                    

  John McCarty