Arts • Courses

The Midland College Arts Department offers a wide range of classes.  We have something for everyone, from students just starting out in pursuit of an art degree to more experienced artists looking to expand their skills.  We even have classes that would be perfect for those with no art experience, and students from other areas of study hoping to add some creativity to their lives.


  • ARTS 1311 Design I - A drawing and mixed media based course focused on two-dimensional design.  Students complete projects based on the elements of design, such as: line, color, texture, shape, balance, value, etc. 
  • ARTS 1312 Design 2 - A studio based introduction to the materials, concepts and processes of the sculpture studio including: An analysis of the principles and elements that apply to three dimensional design and a hands on approach to rendering three-dimensional forms.  Prerequisites: Design I


  • ARTS 1316 Drawing 1 - A beginning course in which students investigate a variety of media, techniques and subjects. Students will gain an appreciation for drawing as the foundation for all other art, as well as an end in itself.
  • ARTS 1317 Drawing 2 - Expansion of Drawing I that allows students to stress the expressive and conceptual aspects of drawing. Emphasis is placed upon creating finished drawings. 
  • ARTS 2323  Drawing 3 - Also known as Figure Drawing, this is a life drawing course in which students learn to represent the structure and action of the human body. Students will work with drawing materials but will also incorporate experimentation with other media and materials.
  • ARTS 2324 Drawing 4 - A continuation of Figure Drawing with added emphasis on personal expression.


  • ARTS 2316 Painting 1 - A beginning painting course in which the student becomes familiar with the techniques and processes involved with the use of oil paint.  Particular focus is placed on handling of materials, color and composition.
  • ARTS 2317 Painting 2 - This course expands on Painting 1.  Students continue their exploration of oil paint, with an added emphasis on artistic experimentation and personal expression.
  • ARTS 2366 Watercolor 1 - A basic painting class, perfect for beginners.  Students explore the possibilities of water-based paint, with an emphasis on color and composition.
  • ARTS 2367 Watercolor 2 - A continuation of Watercolor 1, in which students develop their own personal exploration of watercolor.  Special focus is placed on personal expression and experimentation.


  • ARTS 2333 Printmaking 1 - A drawing and painting based course that is an introduction to the basic printmaking processes, including: monotype, relief and solar plate.
  • ARTS 2334 Printmaking 2 - Opportunities for specialization and experimentation with advanced printmaking techniques.

Sculpture and Ceramics

  • ARTS 2326 Sculpture 1 - An exploration of various sculptural approaches in which the student works with a variety media and processes including: plaster mold making, soft mold making, wood working, ceramics and metals.
  • ARTS 2327 Sculpture 2 -A continuation of ARTS 2326. This is an opportunity for individual specialization in specific sculptural processes and personal development as an artist.
  • ARTS 2346 Ceramics 1 - An introduction to basic ceramic processes including: hand building, throwing on the potter’s wheel and multiple firing processes.
  • ARTS 2347 Ceramics 2 - A continuation of ARTS 2346. This is an opportunity for individual specialization in specific ceramic processes and personal development as an artist.

Digital Arts and Photography

  • ARTS 2348 Digital Arts 1 - An introduction to graphic design principles and typography with emphasis upon digital imaging. The course enables students to explore the creation and manipulation of images with a computer. Course content includes use of digital camera, flatbed and film scanners, Adobe Photoshop software, and printer.
  • ARTS 2349 Digital Arts 2 - Advanced graphic design principles and techniques with emphasis upon digital imaging. The course enables students to explore more expressive and interpretive use of imagery and to practice commercial application as well. Course increases students’ exposure to software programs beyond Adobe Photoshop.
  • ARTS 2356 Photography 1 - (also COMM 1318) An introductory course for beginners in black and white photography. Students learn basic techniques of camera functions, film development, print processing and design fundamentals.
  • ARTS 2357 Photography 2 - (also COMM 1319) A continuation of ARTS 2356 with emphasis on photography applied to publications. Students work with more complex subjects and techniques in order to communicate their ideas through photographic images.

History and Theory

  • ARTS 1301 Art Appreciation - A general education course open to all students. This course includes design principles from the layman’s point of view and critical evaluation of selected works of painting, sculpture, architecture, and industrial design related to everyday life.
  • ARTS 1303 Art History 1 - An inquiry into painting, sculpture, architecture, and the decorative arts from prehistoric times to the 14th Century -- and the role of art, the creative process, and discourse about art in one's ethical, cultureal and intellectual development.
  • ARTS 1302 Art History 2 - An inquiry into painting, sculpture, architecture, and the decorative arts from the 14th Century to the present.