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Why Study Anthropology?

anthroThe anthropology program is intended to provide students with a foundation of general education and core courses that are enriched with anthropological topics, perspective and focus. This program of study will prepare students to successfully pursue their professional and personal endeavors in an increasingly globalized world. The courses in the Anthropology program provide a strong academic foundation for students who intend to transfer to a four-year institution of higher education to continue their study of Anthropology and its four subfields which include cultural anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, and physical anthropology. Area universities that offer a degree in one or more of these fields include North Texas, Texas A&M, Texas State, Texas Tech, the University of Texas, and the Universty of Texas at San Antonio.

Students who study anthropology develop skills that are applicable to a wide variety of careers. The skills include:

Strong verbal and written communication skills
Deep understanding of the institutions and processes that shape the world
Cross-cultural knowledge and understanding
Critical thinking and creative problem-solving
Ability to formulate clear and persuasive messages
Listening, clarifying, questioning and responding skills
Ability to work well independently and collaboratively

Curriculum Pathway for Anthropology

Students who study anthropology are prepared to pursue careers in numerous variety fields, including:

FBI Agent
Congressional Aide
Business Consultant
Environmental Specialist
Forensics Anthropologist
Human Resources Manager
Humanitarian Relief Worker
Import/Export Agent
Intelligence Officer

Law Enforcement
Market Research Analyst
Policy Analyst
Public Relations Manager
World Health Organization Officer

Famous Anthropology Majors:

Glenn Close – Actress
Tracy Chapman – Singer, Song Writer
Michael Crighton - Writer
Prince Charles of England
Dr. Ana Chapman (mother of President Obama)
Jane Goodall - Primatologist

Zora Neale Hurston – Author, Playright
Thomas Jefferson – United States President,
                                    Father of American Archaeology
Tea Leoni - Actress
Yvette Mimeux – Actress
Kurt Vonnegut - Writer

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Social & Behavioral Science Program Chair
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