Academics • Scholastic Dishonesty and Academic Misconduct • Penalties



If a student has any questions or doubts about the way he/she is employing sources or assistance in any given assignment, he/she is advised to consult the instructor before handing in the assignment. The penalties for any type of scholastic dishonesty described in this statement can be severe and can adversely affect the student’s permanent academic record. The instructor has the primary responsibility for recommending the penalty in cases of academic dishonesty after consultation with the Division Dean and the student. Students may seek review of the decision or redress of a grievance related to their participation in college programs or activities.

The instructor does have the right to enforce any one of the following penalties for scholastic dishonesty at his/ her discretion and in response to each particular case:

   1. Failure of the assignment;
   2. Failure of the course;
   3. Recommendation for disciplinary action, including institutional suspension or dismissal.