About MC • Midland College Strategic Plan

 Midland College
2016 – 2017 Strategic Goals and Objectives


STRATEGIC GOAL 1: Outreach: Increase participation in college programs, and professional and personal enrichment opportunities.

Strategic Objective 1.1:  Improve outreach and enrollment support services.

Strategic Objective 1.2:  Investigate and develop new programs based on community and workforce needs.

STRATEGIC GOAL 2: Student Success: Evaluate and Improve programs and services.

Strategic Objective 2.1: Increase the rate and number of students reaching educational milestones by implementing a guided Pathways approach.

Strategic Objective 2.2: Implement a comprehensive advising and mentoring system.

Strategic Objective 2.3: Implement improved program review process.

STRATEGIC GOAL 3: College Engagement: Engage the college community in fulfilling the mission.

Strategic Objective 3.1: Establish effective open, multi-directional communication.

Strategic Objective 3.2: Institutionalize core values.

Strategic Objective 3.3: Create opportunities for mission-based growth and development at all levels.

Strategic Objective 3.4: Establish sustainable strategic planning process.

STRATEGIC GOAL 4: Resource Excellence: Develop or acquire physical, fiscal, human and technological resources and implement innovative practices.

Strategic Objective 4.1: Configure work process, train staff and migrate data to Jenzabar EX.

Strategic Objective 4.2: Create a new website consistent with outreach and student success priorities.  

Strategic Objective 4.3: Assist employees in performing their duties through effective orientation and training.


OPERATIONAL GOALS: Maintain functional infrastructure, effective work practices, and policies.

Operational Objective 1: Stewardship – Demonstrate responsible use of all institutional resources.

Operational Objective 2: Operational Efficiency – Continuously improve processes and procedures to maximize effectiveness, and allocate resources based on institutional priorities.

Operational Objective 3: Financial Health – Sustain a strong financial position.

Operational Objective 4: Physical Facilities and Technology Infrastructure – Support the college’s programs through the maintenance of physical facilities and provision of up-to-date technology infrastructure.

Operational Objective 5: Safety and Security – Maintain the safety and security of all MC campuses.

Operational Objective 6: Human Resources – Recruit, employ, develop and retain employees that complement the college’s vision, mission, and values.

Operational Objective 7: Community Engagement – Provide services, programs and activities responsive to the needs of the community.