Full Circle - September 23

Meeting Minutes Now on MC Intranet (www2.midland.edu)

In an effort to make MC employees aware of campus news, Dr. Thomas has requested that all meeting minutes of Administrative Council, Standing Committees and other MC special committees be available on the MC Intranet.  Should you have any questions about any of these minutes, please feel free to contact the committee chair or discuss with Dr. Thomas at his next Open Forum on Wednesday, October 9.  Special thanks to Dan Buckley for posting these minutes to the Intranet.

Fall 2013 Enrollment

A "snapshot" of Fall 2013 enrollment (Adobe .pdf file) has been prepared by Dean of Enrollment Management Dr. Michael Chavez. 

Dr. Chavez said, "Although we anticipated a decrease (-4.7 percent) in enrollment, there were two surprising variables.  First, there were more 18- to 25-year-old students enrolled than the previous fall semester.  Second, there was a 16 percent increase in full-time students.  Unfortunately, contact hours were also down by 7 percent."

The snapshot also includes a chart of enrollment trends for Midland College, Howard College and Odessa College.

Environmental Survey Responses
From Dr. Richard Jolly, Executive Vice President

I would like to thank each of you who participated in the 2012-2013 Environmental Survey this last spring.  We had an excellent response with the highest return rate (282 or 65 percent) of the last three years in which we have been using this particular survey.  The average response for all 21 questions was "agree," or a number 2 on a 6-point scale with 1 = strongly agree, 2 = agree, 3 = neutral, 4 = disagree, 5 = strongly disagree, and 6 = don't know.  This represents the same overall average response as those of the two previous years.

There were specific strengths and weaknesses which were apparent in the results of this survey.  A few of the strengths are an abundance of caring employees, teaching excellence across the college, strong instructional support and a very supportive community.  Some of the weaknesses given were a lack of thorough communication, difficulty in hiring qualified employees, unchanging departmental budgets and a bogging down of work flow processes.

The survey with responses for this year was distributed by e-mail in June to all full-time employees and was included in the August 19 Full Circle (Adobe .pdf file).  It may also be found on the MC Intranet (www2.midland.edu). 

The survey results, both numerical responses and written comments, have been discussed and analyzed.  Below please find response comments from the supervisors of each of the areas addressed in the survey.  If you have specific questions or comments, you may address them to either the responder or me.

I hope you have a successful fall semester.  Thank you for all the good work you do for our students and for Midland College.

Environmental Survey Responses
(Adobe .pdf files)
Administrative Services - submitted by Rick Bender
Information Technology & Facilities - submitted by Dennis Sever
Instruction - submitted by Rex Peebles
Student Services - submitted by Rita Nell Diffie

Upcoming Events

Lady Chaps Volleyball
The volleyball team will host home games two weeks in a row.  On Wednesday, September 25, the Lady Chaps will take on New Mexico Military Institute, and on Wednesday, October 2, MC plays Clarendon College.  Both games begin at 7:00 p.m. in the Al G. Langford Chaparral Center. 
Lady Chaps Volleyball web page

MC Alumni, Ex-Student Association Breakfast

Thursday, September 26 You are invited to the MC Alumni (Ex-Students') Association Breakfast with MC President Steve Thomas, Thursday, September 26th at 7:30 a.m., in the Scharbauer Student Center Carrasco Room.
 more about this event

Chaparral Golf
The golf team will participate in several tournaments throughout September and October.  Upcoming tournaments include the High Country Shootout on September 28, 29 and 30, in Ruidoso and a tournament in Andrews on October 5-6.
  Chaparral Golf web page

Midland ISD Education Foundation presents the Doobie Brothers

Saturday, October 5 The Midland ISD Education Foundation, along with Pioneer Natural Resources, presents the Doobie Brothers in the 6th Annual Concert for KidsBenefit.
 • more about this event

Chaparral Baseball
The baseball team is on the road for a while, but will be back home at Christensen Stadium on Monday, October 7, when they play Odessa College at 2:00 p.m.
  Chaps Baseball web page

Open Forum with MC President Dr. Steve Thomas

Dr. Thomas invites all MC employees to meet with him for informal discussions to talk about MC and student success.  The next open forum will be held on Wednesday, October 9, at 8:30 a.m. in the F. Marie Hall Academic Building Lecture Hall (Room 101) and also at 3:00 p.m. in the Davidson Family Health Sciences Building Lecture Hall.

Phyllis & Bob Cowan Performing Arts Series presents Texas Jamm Band

Thursday, October 10 What began as a weekly local jam session for some of the Ace In The Hole band members has grown into a successful honky-tonking, hard-driving country band of seasoned musicians ... and they're coming to Midland!
 • more about this event

Color Run Coming to Odessa

Enjoy a 5K party with 1,000 of your closest friends.  Discount offered to all MC students and employees who register for the race. 
more about this event

Kudos & Accomplishments

Dr. Pat Nandakumar
This past summer Dr. Pat Nandakumar, associate professor of chemistry, worked in Prof. Manthiram’s laboratory in the department of Mechanical Engineering in UT Austin. Her research focused on the synthesis and characterization of cathode materials for lithium rechargeable batteries as related to Prof. Manthiram’s NSF Materials Interdisciplinary Research Team (MIRT) grant.

Dr. Pat Nandakumar spent hours of discussion with Prof. Manthiram learning about basic molecular structures of spinel, layered and lithium rich layered materials. Prof. Manthiram developed the electrochemical laboratory and has about 30 students working under his guidance. The group of students includes postdocs, Ph.D. students and graduate students. Prof. Manthiram is also the Director of the Texas Materials Institute, which houses a variety of materials characterization instruments.

Dr. Nandakumar synthesized Ru and Ti based lithium rich layered cathode materials with different compositions. The cathode materials were then characterized by XRD, SEM, and electrochemical measurements. The performance of Ru based materials followed predictions, although the Ti based materials behaved differently.  The research team is analyzing their performances using particle size data and SEM images. These new materials give insight in understanding fundamental science behind the cathode materials used in lithium rechargeable batteries.

J. Don Wallace
Congratulations to MC Alumni Relations Director J. Don Wallace, who served as president of Arts Council of Midland (ACM) for 2012-2013.  His presidential term expired at the Arts Council's annual meeting held in the Allison Fine Arts Building Wagner & Brown Auditorium on Thursday, September 19.

At the meeting Mr. Wallace was recognized for his commitment, talent and support of ACM.  He has served on the ACM board of trustees since 2008, and through the years has chaired several parts of Celebration of the Arts.  ACM Executive Director Danny Holeva thanked J. Don for his diligence on various committees, most notably the Artist Studio Tour, and his advocacy of the arts.

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday, today, to Tammie Jimenez and Kimberly Montalvo.
MC employee and retiree birthdays, September 23-October 7 (Adobe .pdf file)

Student Publications

Please welcome MC's new Publications Lab Instructor Kristen Covington, who grew up locally and has traveled the world until coming home again. You are welcome to stop by at your convenience to meet with Kristen in the Lab, AFA 185.
It is important that you include her for all campus communications that relate to the student publications: Chaparral, Tableau and El Paisano. We have noticed that she is not on some email circulation lists that are essential for her to learn all the activities that occur. She is helping me to keep our journalism students current on all possible stories that need coverage.
Camera-ready ads may be placed in MC student publications at no cost for MC-related events and announcements. These are placed on a space-available basis. Also, please refer any paying advertisers such as car dealerships, housing providers, restaurants, clothing outlets, job providers and any other business that wants to reach Midland's only college audience medium.
The Student Publication Department can be contacted by campus email, calls (4655 and 5597), and office visits. The Student Publications Lab is also used to instruct digital arts under Kent Moss.

eHelpdesk News

You may have noticed that a few changes have been made to the eHelpdesk system in an effort to speed up work order assignments.  Work requests in certain groups will be issued directly to the persons responsible for their completion.  Also, the only group that will allow you to choose your department is going to be the Programmers group.  All other groups will require you to choose your building, not the department.  This will make it easier for the techs to find the place/person needing technical support. 

Cisco Phones

Several people have requested a quick reference document (Adobe .pdf file) for the Cisco phones used at the main campus. 
This document can also be accessed on the web site by going to Employees > Information and Policies, click on IT Support in the left, yellow navigation bar, scroll down Main Campus Phone System.

Graduation Survey Results

All graduates who participated in the May 2013 commencement ceremony rehearsal on May 10 were asked to voluntarily complete a survey regarding their experiences while at MC.  The overall responses (Adobe .pdf file) are quite interesting and contain information that various departments may want to use for continuous improvement purposes.  These results are also available on the Shared Drive in the folder labeled "2013 Graduation Survey."  Special thanks go to Rose Flores and Lesley Isaacs for administering the survey and compiling the results.

Student Success Tool:  Early Alert System

MC's Early Alert System is a tool for Student Success. Should faculty notice any issues with students in class that are behavioral, academic, financial, etc, please complete an Early Alert Form. The completed form will be electronically sent to Student Services. Advising staff will respond and take the appropriate action by visiting with the student and providing them with the resources needed to be successful.  In addition, the faculty who submitted the Early Alert form will receive a receipt informing them of what action was taken. Below are the steps to access the Early Alert System.

1.  Login to faculty Campus Connect
2.  Put cursor over available options and double click on Faculty Options
3.  Put cursor on Administrative Options and double click on Early Alert Reporting
4.  Complete the Early Alert Report

Student Support Services

Student Support Services at Midland College is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to serve low-income, first generation or disabled students.  
Please refer full-time students needing extra college advising, tutoring, transfer services or financial literacy to this office.  Full-time students who have Pell grants are encouraged to apply.  If students do not qualify for SSS assistance, the staff will refer them to other services on campus.
Please call Judy Jordan at 686-4282 or Isabel Jimenez at 686-4284 if you have any questions.  Student Support Services is located in the Scharbauer Student Center next to the campus Police Department, rooms SSC 129-133.

LRC Book Requests

Please submit your requests for new books to be added to the LRC collection by Friday, November 15.    The library accepts requests for new books year-round, but orders are subject to funds availability.  This will just assure titles being considered for the next order.  Please contact LRC Technical Services (4557) if there is a rush in any of your orders.

Since books purchased for the Baccalaureate Program are paid from a different account, please specify "BAT" for any titles requested in support of Baccalaureate courses.

Please contact Charlotte Sweatt (685-4703) or Cecilia Miranda (685-4557) if you have any questions or need order cards.  To speed-up the ordering process, please include complete ordering information: author, title, ISBN, publisher, current price.

You can easily locate this information for any in-print title in:

Global Books in Print:   http://www.booksinprint2.com/

Barnes & Noble:       http://www.barnesandnoble.com

Amazon books:      http://www.amazon.com/

Additional ordering information can be found in the LRC's Technical Services Department on the MC Intranet (www2.midland.edu).  Please sign your requests so that LRC Technical Services staff can notify you when the books come in, or should you need to be contacted regarding out-of-print and/or unavailable titles.

MC Permanent Art Collection

Midland College maintains a permanent art collection on campus, as well as other facilities off campus.  This collection is vast and contains many works of art, including photographs, watercolors, paintings, ceramics and sculptures.
Please be advised that these original works of art have either been donated, purchased by private funds or by Midland College directly.  These works should remain in their permanent location and should not be moved, re-located or loaned to anyone without strict permission.  It is essential that these works are accounted for properly.
You are encouraged to wander around campus and see MC's growing collection.  Our largest private collection includes the Herd Family Collection in the Harriet & Harvey Herd Faculty Lounge at Scharbauer Student Center.  These exclusive works include MC art professor Kent Moss and Frances Fitzgerald ... who studied with the infamous Andrew Wyeth.

J. Don Wallace, director of alumni relations, oversees MC's permanent collection.  Should you have any questions regarding these works of art, please contact Wallace at jwallace@midland.edu, 685-4765