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Remember that you must be a currently enrolled Midland College student in order to access CredoReference for these activities.  Ccontact your instructor or the Fasken LRC to obtain login information.    
This Window will remain open so you can refer back to it.  Or, you can print this page to have on hand as you work Activities.
  1. Click on Credo reference button above to connect, then select: Find a Book (on its navigation bar on top) click on the Title tab to get an alphabetical list of all books available. Without clicking, let your cursor rest for a couple of seconds on a few titles until you see its cover. Scroll down to the Science section, find the title: Field guide to Rivers of North America.
    Click on it, then locate the tabs that refer you to information about this book. Click on the tab for Images to see images contained in this book; click on the tab Contents to see table of contents for this book. Click on Chapter 5:
    In Chapter 5 of the contents, scroll down to Rio Grande and click on it to find information on this river.

  2. On this same entry, look to the frame on your left and, if necessary, "Expand all" to look at: Related Resources.
    Click on "Library Catalog" to see if the Fasken LRC has any books on this river.
    Click on "Academic Search Complete" to find periodical articles on this subject.

  3. Go back to Credo Reference's main menu (By clicking Search on its navigation bar).
    Search for information on: Ignaz Semmelweis
    Click on the entry from the American Heritage Science Dictionary to find out who he was and what he did to prevent deaths in the obstetrics ward.

  4. Search for the phrase "one word exam question" to discover the word used in this exam, and find out how a clever student should answer it, according to this old "Urban Legend."

  5. Enter "dog days" on the search box to find out when these days usually occur and why they are called such. Click on the entry from Holidays, Festivals and Celebrations of the World Dictionary and read it to learn what the ancients used to do at the onset of these days.

  6. Go back to Credo Reference's main menu, click on Gadgets on its navigation bar on top. Find the search box for Quotations and enter: Ronald Reagan hippie to find President Reagan's definition of a hippie.

  7. Use Gadgets again, and find the search box for Images. Enter heart to find images and diagrams of the heart.

  8. Use Gadgets again and the Define box to find out what is a yurt.
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