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The LRC's film collection consists of feature films of historical, literary, scientific, or artistic interest. Other DVDs and documentaries from the History Channel, A&E, PBS, and those of particular interest to film courses and/or Academy Award winners are also available.  

Substantial collection of course lectures from The Teaching Company.
The Teaching Company brings engaging professors into your home or car through courses on DVD, audio CD, and other formats. Since 1990, great teachers from the Ivy League, Stanford, Georgetown, and other leading colleges and universities have crafted courses for lifelong learners. Topics include Art, Astronomy, History, Math, Music, Science, Physics, etc.

Recorded Books    

Growing collection of books on CDs for audio listening. There are Fiction books as well as others on Business, Current events, Literature, History, etc.


Documentaries and other Media for classroom use. Instructors utilize these materials for instruction purposes.
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