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recyclingRecycling on the Midland College campus is a joint effort among faculty, staff and students. We are currently recycling paper, plastics, cardboard, aluminum, and printer cartridges.

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MCrecyclingThe City of Midland's Solid Waste Department provides totals for ourcollections on the MC campus, which started in Spring of 2008.




Paper 211,300 lbs (106.65 tons)  
Plastic 13,300 lbs (6.65 tons)  
Aluminum 1,079 lbs (0.54 tons)  
Cardboard 119,900 lbs (59.95 tons)  



Paper 77,280 lbs (38.64 tons) 208,620 lbs (5.90 tons)
Plastic 7,700 lbs (3.85 tons) 11,800 lbs (5.90 tons)
Aluminum 1,200 lbs (0.60 tons) 1,160 lbs (0.58 tons)
Cardboard 25,080 lbs (12.54 tons) 100,360 lbs (50.18 tons)









So far, MC has recycled a total of 778,779 pounds ( 389.39 tons )

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Announcing New Recycling Procedures

Six years ago we started the recycling program. For the first 3 years faculty and staff and students volunteered to collect the containers and dump them in the bins behind Chap Center. Most of our budget in those early years went to purchasing containers for the buildings. The next couple of years we could afford to hire Green Daisies to pick up our collections curbside once every two weeks. Today (and I can’t thank the MC administration enough) we can afford to upgrade our program further.

Midland College has increased the recycling program budget so you will no longer have to watch your collections spill over the containers nor ‘drag’ your collections curbside. Starting next week, Green Daisies will be coming into the recycling centers with in your building and empting your containers. That’s correct; you won’t have to ‘drag’ your collections curbside anymore!! Green Daisies will empty containers in each building every week. The schedule for building pick up is ...


(HR, President’s office, Foundation office, IT)
Student Center and Bookstore
Science Faculty
Library (LRC)
Health Science

Allison Fine Arts (AFA)
Marie Hall Academic(MHAB)
Technical Center (TC)
Childcare Center

Aaron Medical (AMS)
Fox Science
Fitness Center/PE

Now what I need from you:

Please line your containers with plastic bags so that all they have to do it take the bag and its contents. It will make their job easier if they don’t have to carry the containers to their truck. If you need bags please let me know.

I have instructed them not to pick up collections if the container is not at least ¾ full. So please consolidate your collections.

Please, please, please remind everyone (especially students) not to deposit trash in the recycling containers. This includes candy wrappers, plastic utensils, Styrofoam, and paper plates and cups that have food residue.

Green Daisies has also agreed to start weighing our collections. This will give us the opportunity look at how the campus is doing month to month and how we are doing in comparison to other schools our size.

As always, thank you for your continued participation!

Claudia Hinds
(432) 685-6758