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Health Career Promotion

We introduce students, K-12, to career opportunities in healthcare as well as provide information on a variety of health-related topics. The program strives to motivate young people in rural and underserved areas to choose a career in the health care field. In addition to providing information about health careers, the Permian Basin AHEC is committed to generating excitement about science in children-a necessary precursor to pursuing a career in health care.

Community-Based Education

We work to improve the supply and distribution of the health care workforce by sup­ porting the placement of students in health care professions into community settings. Students practice experiences in a community, mentored by local physicians and other health professionals. We believe that integration into the community during real-life educational experiences can have a positive impact on a student to return to that area to work. By working with the Permian Basin AHEC and our academic partners, communities invest in their future health care workforce. Community-based education is one step in our mission to improve the health of our communities by developing a quality health care workforce and helping address un­ met health needs.

Health Professional Support

We work to establish and support program s to recruit and retain health care professionals, especially for underserved populations. We assist communities to enhance their capacity to attract new health care professional and retain them once they are in place. We also link health care professionals to opportunities in communities. As part of our retention efforts, we assist health care professionals with access to continuing education (CE) and professional development opportunities. We also provide career information to adults and second career decision makers.

Healthy Living Promotion

We work to promote healthy lifestyles in communities. We assist local organizations with health fairs and screenings. We provide various health education presentations, including training in CPR and first aid.


Our mission is to address the health care provider shortage and improve health care access in West Texas through education and development of the health care work force.

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