Midland's Legacy Scholarship Program • Legacy Agencies

 Approved Legacy Agencies are now listed with Midland Volunteer Connections.


Midland College is grateful to partner with Midland Volunteer Connections, a service provided by the Warren Foundation.  Midland Volunteer Connections will allow students to match interests with volunteer opportunities.  All completed hours will be tracked through the system.


  1. Create a free account at Midland Volunteer Connections
  2. Complete a profile indicating your interests.
  3. Select Legacy Scholars/Approved Organizations. PLEASE NOTE: Other agencies are members of Midland Volunteer Connections, please make sure that the agency you volunteer with is a Legacy approved organization.  Hours from another agency will not be accepted. 
  4. Browse the volunteer opportunities and sign up on Midland Volunteer Connections - do not contact the agency directly or the hours won't log into the system.
  5. Once you complete the hours submit for approval to the agency.
  6. After you have completed 40 hours at an approved agency, print your volunteer resume and submit to the Legacy Advisor at Midland College.

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Midland's Legacy Scholarship Program Information

Contact: Diana Ramos, Legacy Advisor
 | dramos@midland.edu