Midland's Legacy Scholarship Program • How to Volunteer

Community Service

Services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community


To offer to enter into any service of one's own free will


Work done for others


Go to the Legacy Volunteer Agency List; you will find contact information, phone numbers, e-mail addresses and a brief description of the type of volunteer work available. Some agencies will have a website you can view for a more detailed understanding of "who they are and what they do."  

After reviewing the list of approved agencies, decide which agency or agencies you are most interested in serving as a volunteer. Make a list of questions or information you would like to know about these agencies.

Call or e-mail the agency contact person. (The "contact person" may be the agency's executive director, volunteer manager, development director, community volunteer, etc.)  Introduce yourself and explain that you are seeking volunteer work for your Legacy Scholarship requirements. If possible, request and schedule a brief meeting with the agency contact person to discuss volunteer opportunities.

After your questions are answered and you have some "candidates," think specifically about the times and dates you would be available to volunteer and make sure they match the needs of the organization.

Expect orientation and supervision. 

Know your expectations and the expectations of the agency.  Be sure you have a very clear understanding of your volunteer responsibilities (request a volunteer job description and exact requirements of the volunteer work), dates and times for volunteering, who will supervise you and sign off on your Legacy hours (print the Community Service Time Record and take it with you), and whom you report to.

Know your personal limitations. If a volunteer service agency requests that you perform a volunteer job that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, you should refuse to perform the task.

Honor your commitments. Always be on time, be courteous, and be accountable. The agencies and the people they serve will depend on you and will appreciate you and the help you are providing more than you can imagine!

 If at any time an agency solicits in-kind gifts and/or donations instead of volunteer hours, notify Julia Vickery, Legacy Agency Oversight, immediately at the 432.685.4704.

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