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Information on the Abell-Hanger Continuance Scholarships

  • Up to a total of $6250 per semester reduced by the amount of Pell Grant, Scholarships, or other academic awards.  Total award is based on cost of attendance of the school attended and personal situation. (school specific Abell-Hanger Continuance Scholarships may be awarded at a lower amount)
  • Renewable for two years or four semesters.
  • Scholarship continues for only four semesters after leaving Midland College (fall and spring only) or completion of a bachelor's degree.
  • All applications are due in the Financial Aid Office before April 2nd. 
Initial Eligibility Requirements
  • Must be a Legacy Scholar in good standing (Legacy scholarship recipient, Abell-Hanger GED scholarship recipient, member of SIP).
  • Must graduate with an Associates Degree from Midland College ( Application to Graduate ).
  • Must have a cumulative 3.0 GPA.
  • Must complete an application .
  • Must complete a Federal Aid Application.( FAFSA )
  • Must be accepted to a four-year public university or college in Texas.
  • Must be a citizen of the State of Texas and the United States.
  • Must attend the graduation ceremony at Midland College.
  • Interviews of finalists will be required.
Maintaining Eligibility
  • Student must complete 25 hours of community service each semester. 
  • Student must provide proof of a 3.0 GPA in all course work for the year. (other school specific Abell-Hanger Continuance Scholarships may have lower requirements - please confirm which scholarship you are receiving)
  • Student must provide proof that they completed at least 12 hours each semester.
  • Student must file for financial aid each year.
  • There is no appeal once the scholarship is lost for failure to fulfill any of the requirements for continued eligibility or the student is the subject of disciplinary action by the school.
Students may begin the application process in January of their graduating year. 


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