Legacy Scholarship • FAQs

1. What is the Midland College Legacy Scholarship Program?

The Legacy Scholarship Program is a collaborative funding partnership between Abell-Hanger Foundation, Helen Greathouse Charitable Trust, Chaparral Foundation, and Scharbauer Foundation that provides educational opportunities at Midland College for high school graduates or GED recipients in Midland County. The Legacy Scholarship provides tuition and fee monies for students meeting the eligibility requirements.  

2. What does the Legacy Scholarship pay for? 

The Legacy Scholarship pays for tuition and fees up to $1,050 per semester. This scholarship does not include books. Funds cannot be exceeded or carried forward.

3. How long does the student have to live in Midland County to qualify for the scholarship?

There is no time requirement for residency in qualifying for the scholarship. The student must have graduated from high school in Midland County to apply.

4. Why does the Legacy Scholarship require "community service?"

Community service is the act of "giving back" to your community. Community service is also known as "volunteering." The Legacy Scholarship funding partners believe that students will gain invaluable experience about understanding the needs of others through this experience.

5. When can I begin my community service hours?

Students may count community service hours earned beginning the summer after their junior year in high school or 18 months prior to the semester they are starting at Midland College.

6. How many community service hours do I need to have to be eligible for a Legacy Scholarship?

Students must perform at least 40 hours of community service per academic year.

7. Where do I go to earn my community service hours?

Students must complete their community service hours at an approved Legacy Volunteer Service Agency
Any volunteer hours worked at an agency not listed as an approved Legacy Volunteer Service Agency on the Midland College website will be denied for consideration for the Legacy Scholarship.

8. What is the best way for me to document my community service efforts?

The Community Service Time Record is the official form of documentation for the students' volunteer hours. 

9. Is there a deadline for the Legacy Scholarship?

There is no deadline for the the Legacy Scholarship; the Legacy Scholarship is a first-come, first-serve scholarship and is available for all qualified applicants until scholarship funds are expended or the Friday prior to the first day of school.  We strongly encourage and recommend early submission of hours.

10. I did not start college in the fall after graduating in the spring, can I still apply for Legacy?

Yes, you can still apply for and receive Legacy if funds are available.  The Legacy Scholarship will pay for 4 consecutive semesters following your high school graduation or receipt of your GED.  Therefore, you may receive the scholarship for a reduced number of semesters.  Please let us help you determine your eligibility status.  

11.  I graduated from high school or received my GED during the fall semester, can I start in the spring?

Yes, new Legacy Scholars are accepted in the spring if funds are available.  We recommend that you contact the Legacy Advisor for advised dates and deadlines. 

12. Where do I submit my paperwork?

All paperwork should be submitted to the Legacy Advisor in the Scharbauer Student Center on the Midland College main campus.  For questions, please contact the Legacy Advisor, Diana Ramos, at 432.685.6854 or dramos@midland.edu.

13. Do I have to pay the Legacy funds back?

The Legacy Program is a scholarship specific program.  Scholarships do not require repayment.  Legacy Scholarships are "gifts" to students from the generous Midland families that contribute to this program. 

14. Is there a difference between the Legacy Scholarship and Texas Scholars?

Yes. The Midland College Legacy Scholarship Program and the Texas Scholars Program are not related and use separate volunteer agency lists. Any questions about the Texas Scholars program may be directed to Ron Moss, Director of Student Development for MISD, at ron.moss@midlandisd.net.

15. Can I use community service hours I've earned through probation requirements for the Legacy Scholarship?

No. Volunteer hours worked for probation requirements will not be accepted towards fulfilling the Legacy Scholarship requirements.


Diana Ramos, Legacy Advisor