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The 2013 edition of Kids' College at MC has come to a close. Thank you for being a part of the fun. Watch this space, beginning this spring, for news of the 2014 edition of Kids' College.


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How soon does my pre-admission form need to be in?

There is no rush to submit your pre-admission form.  As long as you return it before you try to register online.  Once a child's Social Security Number is provided on the pre-admission form, you will then be sent an email with the student's ID and PIN number to use for registration on Campus Connect. If you forget the PIN number it is the last four digits of the new ID number that is sent.   A student's Social Security number and date of birth are no longer used for online registration on Campus Connect.

When will registration begin?

Online registration will begin on Tuesday, April 2 at 9:00 a.m. Please make sure that your pre-admission form has been submitted prior to registering.  If it has not, you will not be able to register. 

What if I do not register online?

Walk-in registration begins Tuesday, May 28.

When I register online, how can I pay?

If you have a credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover), you will be able to pay online. If you cannot pay online, please pay in person the day of registration. To pay in person, please go to the Cashier's office in The Scharbauer Student Center. Since courses are reserved on a first-registered, first paid basis, all fees must be paid when registering.  Students risk being dropped from all classes due to non-payment.

Can I use my social security number?

NO. If you have ever had your social security number on file, it will wreak havoc on the computer system and your child may not get to register due to the amount of time it takes to fix this issue.  Copies of social security cards will be requested as well.

What is the student ID?

An encrypted number from the child's social security number.

What is the PIN number?

The PIN number is the last four digits of the student ID.

How do I get a PIN number?

After you complete the pre-admission process AND we enter your data in our database, you will be sent an e-mail with the Student ID and PIN numbers.

Do you offer scholarships?

Scholarships are available at Casa de Amigos (682-9701) and Greater Ideal Baptist Life Center (683-0838). Midland College has had scholarship funds available in the past but at this time, we do not.

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