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 recycling  Recycling on the Midland College campus is a joint effort among faculty, staff and students. We are currently recycling paper,   plastics, cardboard, aluminum, and printer cartridges. Call 685-6758 for more information.



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To recycle empty toner cartridges, call Claudia Hinds at 685-6758.


To recycle plastic bottles and aluminum soda cans, paper and plastic, use

the containers located inside each building or the large receptacles located at the east end of the Chap Center parking lot.


 • List of Acceptable/Unacceptable Items


The 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month are the official “Dump Days." Containers are collected from all buildings by campus volunteers, and emptied into the large receptacles located behind Chap Center.




Each building has a designated representative who is the coordinator for that building’s recycling efforts.


Building Representatives interface with the campus Recycling Committee, which is made up of members representing the faculty, the staff and students. Call Claudia Hinds at 685-6758 for the name of your building's representative.


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