Consumer Information • Fire Safety in the Residence Halls

Residents witnessing a violation of the drug policy are subject to immediate expulsion. All roommates may be cited if drugs are found in the room regardless of ownership. Residents who violate this policy are subject to immediate suspension from MIDLAND COLLEGE and expulsion from campus housing.

 • 2 supervised fire drills in each building each semester. Residence Hall Managers are required to submit fire drill forms.

 • Evacuation procedures are located on the back of each room door in the residence halls. A “Fire Hazards” information sheet (attached) is handed out to each resident during the individual student check in.

 • Campus Housing Regulations are handed out to each resident during the individual student check in.


O’Shaughnessy, Men’s, and Craddick halls each have a wet pipe system installed to provide total coverage for the entire building with fire department external "Siamese" type connections. The system is interfaced with the building fire and smoke alarm systems. Each floor is designed as a separate fire zone. The system is designed to comply with NFPA 13 (light hazard) and/or ordinary hazard, Group 1 as determined by occupancy requirements. The system was designed by a professional engineer experienced in the design of this type of system and licensed in the State of Texas and installed per manufacturer's instructions.


The system is inspected annually for compliance to all State and City codes.


Fire extinguishers and alarm pull stations are located in the hallways of O’Shaughnessy, Men’s, and Craddick residence halls.


Each Family Unit has battery operated CO and fire detectors and fire extinguishers. Maintenance on each unit is covered two times a year by the Physical Plant staff.


In the event of a fire alarm, residents in the upstairs room will exit the room and go to the nearest stairwell, descend to the first floor, and move to open areas away from the building. Residents on the first floor will go directly from the room to the open areas outside and away from the building. Residents in the Family Units should move outside the units and away from the Units.


Candles, incense, devices with an open flame, appliances with exposed heating elements (i.e. hotplates), fireworks, live Christmas trees, flammable liquids or fuel, overloaded electrical outlets, incendiary devices, and extension cords are all prohibited.


Use or possession of flammable materials, including incendiary devices or other dangerous materials, or substances used to ignite, spread, or intensify flames for fire are prohibited. Attempting to ignite and/or the action of igniting college and/or personal property either by intent or through reckless behavior which may result in damage of college premises will result in disciplinary action.


During holidays all appliances must be unplugged unless otherwise noted. Violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action.


Two fire drills will be conducted throughout the semester and one during each 6 week summer session. Residents and staff are required to vacate immediately when alarms are sounded. Failure to vacate when alarm sounds may result in disciplinary action. It is the responsibility of each resident to be familiar with procedures designed to ensure safety and security.


Evacuation plans are on the back of the doors in each room. It is the responsibility of the resident to notify Housing of missing evacuation plans.